Fresh Friday 12/12/14

Fresh Friday

Hi there!

I’m a little late today with my post (but not by much). I fell behind in preparing for this post this week because I’ve been working on a lot of orders! I feel like I’ve had one everyday this week but it may have been more like every other day (which is just as nice)! Oh, and there’s the baby, too… he takes most of my time. ;)

It feels good to have a lot of sales, but it makes me realize how little I have crocheted recently because my hand hurts! It’s not even my crochet hand – it’s the one I hold my work with. Ouchy!

Today seems like it’s going to be a nice day. The baby seems to be in a good mood – even though he peed on our bed. And he’s teething. Ugh. Aside from that, it’s also raining! Yay! We definitely need it here in southern CA. I love rain. But not driving in it. So, no plans to travel anywhere today.

On to this week’s finds! It may seem a bit Xmas heavy, but that’s how it goes when it’s so close to Xmas!

1. I know I linked to some snowman ornaments previously, but these snowman heads with headphones are awesome!

2. Have a lot of scrap yarn left? Turn them into some colorful Christmas tree ornaments or a garland!

3. Though I wouldn’t necessarily consider these patterns, I really liked these gift wrapping ideas. Maybe when I (finally) run out of wrapping paper.

4. I’ve seen so many ribbon wreaths for the holidays, but haven’t seen too many crocheted wreaths. What a neat idea!

5. I’ve been meaning to make one of these Final Fantasy cactaurs. If I get too lazy to make my own, I can always use this great pattern.

6. I have an aunt who loves Hello Kitty – this beanie would make a perfect gift.

7. These ornament coasters add a nice touch to your Xmas decorating.

8. Need a new purse to put on your keychain? Or maybe your child does? These cute little keychain purses are highly customizable!

9. These amigurumi lions are absolutely adorable! The manes are impressive!

10. I’m loving this cowl! It also comes with matching boot cuffs.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s finds! When I finish up with my orders, I’ll definitely be working on some of these!

Have a great weekend!

Fresh Friday 12/5/2014

Fresh Friday

Hello, everyone!

Hope it was a great week for all! We’ve had some rain the last few days which was nice. Except when I had to drive in it – then it wasn’t so nice. People seem to drive worse when it rains – and considering they drive terribly to begin with, that’s saying a lot. Tsk tsk.

Oh! So, I have a little news… Sort of.

Remember my last post about the items I couldn’t sell? Well… I sold one! :D

See ya later, alligator!

See ya later, alligator!

You wouldn’t believe how pleased I am. As much as I’d like to think it was due to my post, I can’t really say if it was or not. There wasn’t a link from my blog to Etsy so I don’t know… it could just be a coincidence. But I won’t complain! A big “thank you” to you, whoever you are! I appreciate your business! :D

Enough about me. Onto this week’s patterns!

1. My mom would go crazy over this cute dachshund.

2. I like the look of this tunic! The color used is just lovely!

3. What a fun rainbow scarf!

4. This little elf is just too cute! Kinda like if Link dressed up for Xmas. ;)

5. I’m thinking this C3PO plushie may be a must for my dad!

6. Aww… widdle piggy wiggies!

7. I don’t often wear them, but I like how this cabled headband/wrap looks. Plus, I haven’t done any cable stitches before!

8. I just think this mini Charles Darwin is so adorable! Just look at that beard!

9. I’ve been trying out these basket weave beanies. They are a cinch once you get used to it!

10. I’m not one for mug cozies, but these reindeer cozies would be so cute at a holiday party.

Those are my picks for the week!

Did you find any new patterns that you loved? Please share them with me! :)

Have a great weekend!

PS – As mentioned in the list, I was trying out some basket weave beanies. I didn’t realize it asked for bulky yarn so it came out really small. This is what happened:

He's in disguise...

He’s in disguise…

It looks like a wig! Haha! That’s what happens when you don’t check the gauge!

Sometimes You Need to Admit Defeat.

Mametchi 3

During my time on Etsy (going on two years in January!), I have sold my fair share of plushies.

There are a few items, however, which have never sold. And I think it’s about time I phased them out.

Though listing fees are small and last for a few months, if something isn’t selling (not even once) then maybe it’s just not right for the current market. For these few items, I feel that this is so. It saddens me because they are some of my first amis that I made on my own. I guess that is why I like them so much – because they are so personal.

I think I’m going to lower the prices a little bit until their listings expire. If they don’t sell, I’ll just give them away. Maybe they will be my next shared pattern? Who knows…

One of the first amis I made was this Maskutchi:

He's a little wonky...

He’s a little wonky…

I was so happy with it when I first made it! I was just starting to follow patterns and when I did this one completely freehand, I was so pleased! I recently had him listed as a prototype and he was on clearance for $8. The listing just expired the other day and I’m not planning on listing it again. Maybe some lucky customer will receive a bonus item?

I later tried to replicate it and ended up with this:

Much better!

Much better!

While the original definitely has its charm, the updated version is a lot better. The shapes are more defined and the stitches are cleaner. I currently have this one listed at $18 and it doesn’t expire until March. I can’t really say that I’ve never sold one…because I did…to my mother-in-law. But I don’t really like to count that one as a sale so that’s why it’s on this list. Due to its lack of views and “favorites” I think this may be its last run.

Later on, after the updated version of Maskutchi, I decided to make another Tamagotchi –  Mametchi (I guess you could say I was on a Tamagotchi kick since, you may recall, I also made a Tarakotchi). This is what it looks like:



I happen to think he’s adorable… but, again, this may be my own personal attachment. I have this one listed at $15 and his expiration date is on December 12th. Still debating whether I want to keep him on there or not. This one has never sold and is the original plushie. In fact, I have never made a second one! I’m thinking I may use him for another “make over” post. Although, there isn’t too much I need to change on there. Just maybe a little adjusting to the overall shape… I love him! I mean…just look at that face. C’mon.

The last listing that I have had trouble selling is probably one of my most intricate pieces. Like the last one, I only made one and this is it! I was so proud of it when I finished! It was my Miso from the Katamari series:

Cousin Miso!

Cousin Miso!

Here is a shot of the inside of his soup bowl/head:



He was a fun ami to make and I was incredibly pleased with myself. I was still learning a few techniques at the time and was trying to apply them to my own projects. His listing actually expired before I got around to publishing this post and I decided to give him one more go. I have lowered his price a little bit hoping that maybe he will sell this time around. He is listed at $20 and it doesn’t expire until April 1st.

Anyway… I guess the point of this post was more to vent than anything. I just feel that these few guys need a little bit of publicity! It may just be because I have this personal connection to them… but they deserve a nice home! If I had a lot of space, and maybe a cabinet to display them in, I wouldn’t worry about them selling or not. But our space is really limited and the longer they sit around… the sadder I get.

But I could just be looking at it the wrong way.

Maybe the right person hasn’t come around yet and they’re just waiting for that special someone to find them. :)

Fresh Friday 11/28/14

Fresh Friday

Welcome back!

It’s Black Friday! Are you standing in line right now? Or were you one of the brave people who ventured out in the middle of the night…in the cold…in the dark? *shiver* No, thank you!

I prefer to spend my Black Friday shopping at home on Amazon. Although, the last couple of years have been pretty disappointing. We had one fabulous year where we got sooooo much stuff at a great price but since then, we haven’t had much luck. There really aren’t that great of deals out there. Besides… all of the stores will start their winter sales soon anyway. I’d rather wait.

Plus, we just had Thanksgiving. You know, when we are thankful for what we have and all that jazz? It’s relaxation time after all of that food! Gotta recover!

Anywho… I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving with a lot of yummy food and quality time with their loved ones. If you’re traveling, I hope you get to go home soon and celebrate a late Thanksgiving! That’s what we did one year when my husband was out of town. We had ours that weekend instead (I actually had two). :)

For those of you who have joined us before, welcome back to Fresh Friday! To the newcomers, welcome! The point of this post is to share with you my favorite (free) patterns found in the “recently added” section of Ravelry from the last week.

*Disclaimer – I know there may tend to be a lot of Christmas related patterns, but that’s how it goes. It’s almost Xmas after all!*

For the previous Fresh Friday posts, click here!


1. These snowman head ornaments are super cute!

2. This stocking ornament pattern is a bit more simple than the ones in my last post but just as cute!

3. I love pinwheels!

4. Mmm… toaster pastries!

5. This bear cowl is adorable!

6. Need a little decorating help? These holly & berries are simple and sweet.

7. Because you can never have too much turkey.

8. I may need to make one of these cat rattles for my son!

9. This Dizzy Elves hat looks like fun.

10. I like the look of this chunky cable hat. I’ve never done anything with cable stitches before… maybe I should try it out!

Anything catch your eye? Did you find any new patterns this week that you absolutely love?

See you again next week for another new pattern round-up!

Have a great weekend and safe travels!

PS – This weekend ONLY, take 10% off of your total purchase at my Etsy shop by entering coupon code GIVETHANKS at checkout!

My Kickstarter Pledge is Here!

I backed my first Kickstarter back in February.

After months of waiting… I finally received my pledge rewards! Yay!

I don’t remember how I originally found it, but I was directed to the GaMERCaT web comic somehow (check it out!) and then found the Kickstarter afterwards.

I backed it with the “Player 1″ option which included the GaMERCaT, his fairy sidekick, a pin, magnet, postcard, and some stickers. Oh! And I was sent a wallpaper early on as well. :) I am soooo happy the plush finally came! It’s so cute!

With his little fairy buddy!

With his little fairy buddy!

I also got this snazzy little pin:

So fancy!

So fancy!

And a magnet:


It’s huge!

Some stickers:


GaMERcaT and Glitch!

And a postcard thing (I don’t think it’s considered a postcard but I don’t know what else to call it):

Mmm hmmm

Mmm hmmm

Here’s a shot of all of my goodies (Minus GaMERcaT):

Yay! Stuff!

Yay! Stuff!

Have you ever backed a Kickstarter? What was it?

My First Custom Order!


Let me start off by saying that I never do custom orders.

I really don’t want to go through the hassle of making something that I may have no interest in! But I’m also scared to. I’m worried that I won’t be ABLE to make what the customer wants and will fail miserably.

I guess that’s what it is: fear of failure.

I do, however, appreciate ideas about future plushies and welcome them! And that’s how this newest plushie came about.

At the beginning of October, I had someone message me on Etsy asking if I could make a “Cootie” from the cartoon “Dexter’s Laboratory.” As soon as I saw the image, it brought back memories of my childhood (and adulthood – let’s be honest) and I immediately put it on my list of future plushies. I sent a message back saying that if I ever got around to making one, they’d be the first to know.

And that’s what I did.

The cootie is now paid for, boxed, and ready to go in the mail! Now that that’s all taken care of, I want to share it with you!

Ladies and gents, I give you… the cootie!





What do you think? I think he turned out awesome! But that’s just me. :)

I’m thinking of making another and adding it to my Etsy shop!

Fresh Friday 11/21/14

Fresh Friday

Welcome, folks!

It’s Friday again and that means it’s time for the second installment of Fresh Friday (and time to relax for the weekend)! I hope you all had a good week. Only two more weeks left in the semester – for me anyway. For those of you with more time left… hang in there!

You know what I like most about searching through the “recently added” section of Ravelry? The fact that some these patterns may not have been tested. This gives you the chance to help the author/artist find any flaws with the pattern and maybe (just maybe) they will feature your finished product on the pattern’s page! Such an honor!

I recently featured a few Ravelers’ finished projects on two of my patterns. I included two for my Minecraft Ghast and one for my Tarakotchi. I love seeing how others make them! Each person has their own technique making the final result a little different from the rest. If you’ve  completed either of these two patterns, I would love to see it!

Onto this week’s finds! Enjoy!

1. What a sweet Christmas tree ring! It’s so tiny. :)

2. This Pumpkin Pie bunting. You know – if you’re into that kind of thing.

3. I really like the pattern of this baby blanket. I’d probably use a light blue and grey since I have a little boy!

4. A simple planter cover to make your plants a bit more festive!

5. I’ve never worn fingerless gloves before, but this pattern makes me want to try them out!

6. I need to make some of these little bells for my tree!

7. Such cute little robins!

8. My sister would LOVE this Zero (The Nightmare Before Christmas) plush!

9. I haven’t seen the movie (and probably won’t), but this plush from Big Hero 6 is adorable.

10. You can never have too many bear patterns! :)

That’s it for this week’s installment. See anything you like? What great patterns did you find this week (new or old)?

See you again next week for some more Fresh Friday! Have a great weekend! :D