FInally! Some FOs!


Happy Labor Day!

Hello, September! Where did you come from? Wasn’t it just July?

I can’t believe my little baby is already two months old! This guy is like a sponge – absorbing all my time.

He’s finally starting to sit in his bouncy chair (without crying!) for small amounts of time (as long as I stay in front of him) giving me a chance to do a bit of crocheting in a normal position (instead of over his head).

First off, I finally finished the Buttered Toast scarf that I started back in June. Here it is:


So fancy!

To get the details on this scarf (pattern, websites, etc), check out my previous post.

I also managed to make a few hats! These are easy to work on because once you get the pattern down, you can make it without too much concentration. The pattern I used was “The Perfect V-Stitch Hat” by Sarah Lora that I found on Ravelry. I ended up making two hats from this pattern, but neither were made by following the directions completely.

For this gray hat, ended up subtracting a few rows from the ribbed portion because, due to the yarn I was using, it was turning out far too big for my head!


With this lavender hat, I used Caron Simply Soft yarn because I knew that it would turn out just a bit smaller. This time, instead of it being too big, I ran out of yarn at the brim portion and ended up just doing rows of half double crochet instead.


Yarn shortage! (And comparison to the gray hat)


Completed hat!

Oh, and I also broke my crochet hook while finishing up the brim!



Can you believe it? Oh well… it gave me an excuse to buy some new crochet hooks!


WIP – Buttered Toast Scarf


Hello, friends!

It’s been a while since I last posted, but there’s a good reason for this break in between posts: I had a baby!

He’s now 3 1/2 weeks old and (while there has been little sleep) time has flown by.

It’s really odd… you realize how short a day truly is. Also, your motto becomes “one day at a time” because no two days are the same. Each day you learn something new: what works and what doesn’t. For the most part, you just have to go with the flow and remain patient and calm (even when everything seems to go wrong).

I’ll probably have a post later on with more details on our new addition. :)

Until then, this is what I was up to:


Yeah, it’s toast.

A day or two before I went into labor, I started on this cute scarf. That’s right – it’s a scarf!

I got this pattern from Twinkie Chan’s “Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies.” It’s called the – wait for it – Buttered Toast Scarf. Dun dun dunnnn!

Here’s a link to the Pattern page on Ravelry. I like looking at the finished scarves from other members. Some are very creative such as adding jam to it (which I also considered doing but was too lazy).

Side note: If you need help with any of Twinkie Chan’s patterns, or want to join another snazzy group/forum, you can visit Twinkie’s Ravelry Group.

 For the scarf, you will make about 16 slices of toast which you then sew together.



Obviously, my scarf is not complete and, truth be told, I don’t know when I am going to finish it… I should just do it. No reason why I can’t!


This scarf is highly customizable: If you want a longer scarf, add more toast. Is this for a child? Take away some toast. Make some slices with jam or other various toppings. Add other breakfast foods such as bacon and eggs! The possibilities are endless!

For my scarf, I used Red Heart in Buff, Cafe Latte, and Lemon (I felt color of Lemon was closer to butter than Bright Yellow).

Have you made any of Twinkie Chan’s patterns before? What did you make? This is the first pattern from her that I’ve done, but I’ve been following her for a while now. She is so fun and interesting (and she loves food/sweets!).

Until next time! :)


What’s the Big Spheal?


Yay! I finished something else!

I guess working on that crocodile motivated me to start crocheting again. Let’s see how long it lasts…

It also helps being a member of a Ravelry group focused on Pokémon! The May CAL (crochet along) was water type Pokémon and, even though I missed it by a few days, I felt the need to participate in this one.

One of the Pokémon on my mental to do list was a Spheal. They are just so cute and round!

20140604_110603 20140604_110615

20140604_110702 20140604_110743

One of the other Ravelry groups I am a member of may be doing a Pokémon themed CAL this month, too. Basically, I am killing two birds with one stone. Well, maybe 3 birds since this will also be added to my Etsy inventory as well. :) And if they decide we aren’t doing Pokémon after all, well, I’m still glad I made it.

I think it turned out great! But that’s just my opinion. I saw a pattern or two available online for a Spheal but I really wanted to make my own. Some of them just didn’t have the right look or not enough detail to them.

Oh, yeah. As I mentioned before, we are preparing the baby’s room and we finished a bit more on Monday. My husband and his dad put up the ceiling fan/light (finally!) and they also attached the baseboards. You can see the new baseboards in the top two photos. :) Much better than our old ones! All we need now is some furniture!

Happy Hump Day!

A Life Update and a Crocodile


So… I may have slacked off a bit regarding this blog.

Honestly, I practically forgot I had one for a while!

The last few months have been a little more busy than usual. I finished up the spring semester a few weeks ago (with an A, A-, and B+) and that took up most of my time. I may have mentioned before that I am a literature major, so you can imagine the crunch of paper writing leading up to finals. But now that’s over and I can relax…

…wait, no I can’t. There’s something else:

I’m 35 weeks pregnant.

No relaxing now! Too much to plan for!

The last few weeks have been spent slowly prepping the baby’s room. It took us a while to get started on the room because we were waiting for my brother to move out. We have painted the room a nice grayish-blue and yesterday the new carpet was installed. It’s so nice and fluffy! This weekend we will be putting the baseboards back and, hopefully, the closet racks and doors. And by “we,” I mean my husband. ;) I haven’t been able to help as much as I would have liked to. So, I’ve just been working on growing a baby.

Like the baby’s room, we have been slowly getting clothes, furniture, and other miscellaneous items. Truthfully, we don’t have a lot yet because we had been putting off shopping for quite a while. We have little storage space so we didn’t want to have piles of stuff just sitting around. We had offers to leave things at people’s houses, but I don’t like doing that. However, we did have the baby shower earlier this month and the presents (including a new crochet book!) are still at my in-law’s house! But that should all change as soon as the baby’s room is finished! :D

Aside from all the baby stuff, I haven’t been doing much crocheting. The only time I take out a crochet hook and yarn is when I have an Etsy sale… Needless to say, my inspiration for crocheting has been a little low. I like to focus on video game characters, but nothing has jumped out at me recently.

Since I haven’t had any of my own ideas lately (and because my husband told me to do something creative instead of watching tv), I decided to take out one of my crochet books and find something to make. You might recognize this book:

2014-01-15 14.28.48

I mentioned this book back in January (here) and posted my completed hat. I also mentioned that the next thing I would make from this book was the crocodile – I finally made it!

Crocodile Collage

(Note the new carpet!)

Such a cute little guy! It was really easy to make, too! The pattern used was “Niles the Crocodile” by Deb Richey. I used Red Heart with Love in “Lettuce” and a size “G” crochet hook.

(On a side note, I found out that the artist also has an Etsy store. While she doesn’t have this particular pattern listed, she does have a similar one.)

While I was making it, I was trying to decide what to do with the finished product. My mind was going through all the people I knew, and if they might be interested in a crocodile, but I think I’m just going to keep it. It’s just so cute and I think it’s a nice toy for the baby – not right away, of course! Though I think I attach pieces pretty well, I don’t want to risk any choking scenarios!

Well, I think I have talked enough! I just felt the need to post some sort of update and show that I haven’t given up on this blog!

That reminds me… apparently I had my one year blog anniversary recently! (Blogiversary?) Yay me!

Thank you to everyone who has followed me during this time and commented on my posts. :D

Until next time!

The Majestic Dunsparce!


I’ve been meaning to make this Pokémon for a while now.

I was playing “Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity” a while back and Dunsparce was one of the main characters/Pokémon you use. He was just too cute! I knew I would end up crocheting him sooner or later.

It ended up being wayyyyy later.

I bought the yarn I wanted to use for it a while back but then put it away because I wasn’t up to making a new pattern or crocheting in general. So, he kind of ended up on my to do list.

But I finally finished it! Yay! He’s so cute!





For anyone unfamiliar with Pokémon, or Dunsparce in particular, this is what he is:



I did shape his body a little differently than the original sprite but I think it turned out for the best. I love how he turned out!

Other than Dunsparce, I haven’t done much crocheting since I finished Gaw last week. Too much else going on!

Now I just need to figure out what I want to work on next!

See you soon!

FO Friday – Gaw is finally completed!

Gaw 1

Today’s the day!

He’s finally finished!

The Gaw that I started MONTHS ago and have been neglecting to finish is finally done:

Gaw 1


There was quite a bit left for me to finish (here’s a reminder) and I decided that if I didn’t do it today, I probably never would. Since this was a request from my husband…I really wanted to finish it. The only part that I was dreading (which I have mentioned before) was the wings.

Gaw 2

Though I wrote down a vast majority of the pattern while I was making it, I didn’t do so with the wings. You could say I “wing”ed it. I had no idea what to do with them and I didn’t feel like doing a TON of trial and error. For those of you who are familiar with the character, then you know that I kind of cheated with the wings. I opted for a more simplistic wing which, for the size of this project, I think worked out for the best.

Gaw 6

The problem I wasn’t expecting, however, was the issue with his feet/claws. You know how when you set aside something you are working on for a long time and then pick it back up you realize that pieces aren’t quite as big/small as you thought they were? Yeah…if I was to do this all over I would make the body a bit larger because, looking back at it now, his hands are a little too big.

 Gaw 7

But, I made do with what I already completed. I originally wanted his feet to be flat on the ground (and closer to his body) since that is how his sprite in the game looks. But, since his body isn’t as proportioned as I thought, I had to put them directly underneath him. I was very concerned about this at first (and almost called it quits!) but then I realized that it may not turn out as bad as I was thinking.

I still needed to make his tail!

Gaw 4

I figured that since the tail still needed to be finished, I could have the tail propping him up from the back so he wouldn’t be sitting at some bizarre angle. Once I realized that, I felt a big sense of relief and continued on. I guess I should mention that I didn’t write down the pattern for the tail either… I didn’t really wing it on this part – I (mostly) followed another pattern found at Mia’s AtelierI looked at her Charizard pattern (which is totally awesome!) and loosely based my tail on what she did. I started off the same but when it came to the amount of repeated rows, I shortened it a bit because I didn’t need to make mine as long (I also used a smaller hook). All in all, I only used about half of the tail pattern. I almost used her wing pattern but decided against it. Too many pieces. ;)

Gaw 5

Overall, I am very pleased with how Gaw turned out! I don’t think I am going to make another one though… This is a one-time thing! It was pretty time consuming and though I wrote down a lot of the pattern, I just don’t think I’m ever going to want to make it again. Like always, we’ll see what happens. I may change my mind.

Gaw 8

Oh, look! He’s made a new friend already! Sega buddies have to stick together, you know.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Gelatinoid Pattern


The other day, my husband started playing a game called “Vay” on the Sega CD. One of the very first monsters you encounter is a little, squishy, blob-like creature called a “Gelatinoid.”


Click image for source

He said to me, “Once you finish my Gaw, you should make this for me!”

Well, I don’t even want to think about Gaw…I haven’t touched it since the last update. Still no legs and no wings. I really just have no idea how to go about finishing it! GAW!

Instead, when I had a break between homework assignments, I whipped up this Gelatinoid really quick.


A “Gelatinoid”

It’s great for those small balls of yarn you have left! A stash-buster I guess you’d call it in the yarn world?

It’s not quite a slime and it’s not quite an octopus. Perhaps a hybrid? I dunno… it’s a blob with legs/tentacles.

Anywho, I wrote out a very quick pattern for anyone who’s interested in using up those random pieces of yarn that just sit around. I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of random colors leftover from larger projects that I just can’t seem to get rid of!




To make the “Vay” inspired Gelatinoid, you will need:

  • light/pale blue, black, and pink yarn
  • Size 5.00 (H) hook
  • Fiberfill/stuffing
  • Yarn needle


With light blue (or color of your choice!), start with the Magic Ring.

Row 1: Single crochet (sc) 6 – 6

Row 2: Increase (Inc) in each stitch (St) – 12

Row 3: (Inc, sc 1) around – 18

Row 4: (Inc, sc 2) around – 24

Row 5: (inc, sc 3) around – 30

Row 6: (Inc, sc 4) around – 36

Rows 7-9: Sc around

Row 10: (Decrease, sc 4) – 30

Row 11: (Dec, sc 3) – 24

Row 12: (Dec, sc 2) – 18

Row 13: (Dec, sc 1) – 12

Row 14: Dec around – 6

Finish off (FO), stuff, and sew shut.

Legs/Tentacles (Make 5)

With blue, chain 12.

FO leaving tail to attach.

After making 5, attach to the bottom of the body (I attach mine close to the center).


Embroider eyes and mouth with black (or use felt).

Use pink yarn to embroider cheeks/blush (or use fabric paint/felt).

See photo for details/placement.

All done! A quick and simple pattern great for that extra yarn!