Post Number 2 already? That was quick! (Minecraft Ghast Pattern)

Welcome to post 2! Yay!

(I like to imagine a crowd cheering in the background)

As mentioned previously, I have been attempting to crochet a ghast from the game Minecraft. Last night was spent making panels and part of today was spent making tentacles (I haven’t yet mastered the art of crocheting “in the square”). After I completed all of the pieces and sewed them all together I ended up with this:


Not too bad… I’m pretty pleased with it for such a quick project!

I know, I know… ghasts have grey spots and the like. But that stuff is tedious! Alternating between grey, white, black… it’s too much (plus, the last thing I made which involved that ended up looking pretty funky)! So, solid white with embroidered eyes it is.

Interested in seeing the play-by-play?

Well, if you insist. **If you want to see the pattern, scroll down to the bottom!**

I began by crocheting six (6) 16×16 panels.


After that, I made nine (9) tentacles which were made by crocheting in the round.  These are the finished pieces:


When I finished with all of the pieces, I began to sew the panels together into a box shape.

20130516_174259  20130516_180331

Before sewing it up completely I stuffed it with polyester fiberfill. Then, I finished sewing the last open edge and began to attach the tentacles. There are 9 tentacles all together so I attached them in 3 rows of 3. I don’t think they need to be symmetrical… but that is more or less how I attached them (I have a thing about order/neatness).


And here it is! The finished ghast (doesn’t it kind of look like it’s smiling?)


Huzzah! A completed ghast! Now I just need some clear thread/wire/anything so I can attach it to something to make it float! Nice.

Thank you for joining me this fine evening. I hope you all have a terrific weekend!



Minecraft Ghast “Pattern” (written by ME!)

You will need:

Body Panels (Make 6)

Chain 17

Rows 1-16: single crochet 16 across

Finish off leaving a long tail and set aside.

Tentacles (Make 9)

Start with a Magic Ring (or a chain 2).

Row 1: single crochet 6 in the ring. Since we are crocheting in the round, do NOT join to first stitch.

Rows 2-10: single crochet around

Finish off leaving a long tail.


After all pieces are completed, begin sewing the edges of the panels together with the “tails” in order to make a box. Before sewing it up completely, stuff with fiberfill (or other stuffing) and sew it shut.

Attach the legs to the bottom of the box/body. Tentacles can be stuffed with fiberfill if you’d like, but it is not necessary – I didn’t stuff mine.

Embroider eyes onto the face with black yarn. The eyes should cover 4 stitches and should be about 3 stitches apart from each other (see photos for placement).

Embroider the mouth, also with black yarn, about 5-6 rows beneath the eyes (mine covers about 5 stitches).

You’re all done! Simple as that.


Have you made one of my ghasts? I’d love to see it! Link back to this post or post a link in the comments to share!

Check out my ghast project page on Ravelry and feel free to give it a rating or leave a comment. If you link back to it, I can add it to my featured photos! 🙂

**Please do not share/replicate this pattern in its entirety – link back to this post/blog when sharing. While I cannot prevent you from selling completed items, please give credit where credit is due by linking to my blog. Thank you!**


12 thoughts on “Post Number 2 already? That was quick! (Minecraft Ghast Pattern)

  1. Crystal says:

    You would get a more “square shape” if you cut out cardboard and placed on each side before stuffing and sewing together. Hope this helps.

    • raychole says:

      Hi Crystal,
      Thank you for the suggestion! I have tried doing that before but I didn’t like how it was turning out. Indeed, it did make it more square but it also made it more firm. I prefer a plushie to be soft and squishy! If it was to be a decorative piece then I would definitely suggest doing it.

  2. Kris says:

    This is great, thanks for sharing your hard work! My son is real excited at the prospect of these guys hanging from his loft bed! And anyone else is looking for ideas on how to sure up the sides… I use plastic Canvas. You can cut and Stitch it to any size and shape with ease, slip it inside the work, and no one would be the wiser! Happy Crafting Everyone!

  3. Angie says:

    You may think about attaching the tentacles to the panel before sewing up the cube. I do this with crochet jelly fish and ocotupi. You end result is great, tho!

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