Short but Sweet

Hello, hello.

No new plushies yet… Too many distractions!

Well, not really distractions. Just taking a little break — which sounds odd since this is a crocheting blog, right? Ha!

But I did do something crochet related though! Sorta…

I took pictures of my crocheted plushies! That counts for something, doesn’t it?

I was doing a little maintenance with my Etsy shop’s listings and decided that some of the items could use some new photos. I finally realized that our bedroom has the perfect light for photos! It must be because our walls are white in there while our living room is a beige-ish color.

Before, I was taking photos by draping  a white sheet across the couch and placing the plushies on top of it. However, the lighting was never perfect and the image I would get from the flash bothers me a little. This time, instead of using our larger digital camera, I used my cell phone (Samsung Galaxy S3). It is less bulky and I think it takes some very nice pictures.

Here are a couple of the new pictures:

Meat Boy 5 Mametchi 4 HM Cow 7

Super Meat Boy, Tamagotchi “Mametchi”, and my Harvest Moon Cow!

Also, I got a “group shot” of my inventory which I love.

Group Pic

The light was just so nice and the variety of colors was excellent (at least I thought so)!

I am in no way a great photographer but I plan on doing some practicing. Even if it is just with my phone!

Other than the mini photo shoot, I have been playing Bloons Tower Defense 5 by Ninja Kiwi. Sooo fun!

I love tower defense games and there’s something about monkeys throwing darts at balloons that humors me. My brother told me about this game and I have been playing it continuously since last night. In fact, when I am done with this post, I am going to play again! 😀

Well, that is all for now… time for some more balloon popping!

See you again soon and hopefully with a new item. (Maybe a Bloons inspired plushie?! Hmm…)



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