Do Over! (Part 1)

Happy Tuesday!

My latest project is to recreate an amigurumi that I made last year. It was one of the first patterns that I made out on my own which I (tried) to take fabulous notes on. We’ll see how good they actually are and, hopefully, I can make a few adjustments to it.

I will be testing out my Shy Guy pattern. It is based on the Shy Guys from Super Mario Bros. 2. This is the one:

Shy Guy

Notice he has white shoes and not blue ones. The reason I picked this Shy Guy originally was because I didn’t have any blue yarn that would work! Actually, I still don’t think I have any…

Anyway, this is what mine came out as:

Shy Guy 1 Shy Guy 2 Shy Guy 3

Altogether, I was very pleased with my Shy Guy at the time. But even though I liked him, he never made it to my Etsy store. Something was wrong with him. He need some… revamping?

First off, his feet are just white triangles. At the time, I had not made very many feet so I was still new at it. Now I have my own way of making them and plan to use this method.

Second… I dunno… I just feel the need to make it all over again and finally type out the pattern and add to my collection.

So, without further ado… let’s get crackin’!

Stay tuned for part 2!*


*This was not intended to be a two part post. I was all set to work on this but I ended up having to work on something else. =)


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