Do Over! (Part 2)

Welcome back!

Last time we met I said that I was going to revamp my Shy Guy pattern.

Before I even began I found issues with it! First of all, I only wrote down the pattern for the body, the base (which covers the bottom), and the face. But the face is only the white part– no eyes or mouth (not that the mouth is hard to figure out). You and I both can tell, just from looking at it, that there aren’t only 3 pieces!

Yup. More than 3 pieces.

Yup. More than 3 pieces.

So,Β yeah, I am missing parts of my Shy Guy. Oh, the incompetence!

Another thing I noticed before starting is that when I was making a note of using the “Magic Ring,” I used the abbreviation “AR.” Um… AR? What? Why would I put that? Automatic Ring? Awesome Ring? I don’t know. Weird.

Alrighty! Enough observations. Let’s get down to it!

Here’s what I did:

  • Edited pattern – typos, labeling, better format
  • Added arms, eyes, feet, and band to pattern
  • Made his eyes smaller – I didn’t realize the Shy Guy eyes in Mario Bros 2 were so small! Good thing I added that image in my last post. =)

Drumroll, please! Dum da da DA!

New and Improved!

I am so so so happy with how he turned out! As I was going along with my modifications and construction I started feelingΒ  a bit concerned. But it all turned out in the end!

Assembly & Comparison

Assembly & Comparison

What do you think? Better than my first?

Until next time,



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