Hi everyone!

The week is already half over! I think Wednesdays deserve some sort of celebration… like cake! Yum.

Since the last time we met, I haven’t worked on any new patterns of my own. My husband and I had a very relaxing Memorial Day weekend. We had some beach time and visited with family. And ate. A lot.

Instead of working on a new pattern, I decided to take a break (like I didn’t have a long enough one) and make an amigurumi that my friend Sharon wrote a pattern for. I had been browsing around her Etsy shop a while back and saw that she had created an adorable little dragon. The next time I saw her I mentioned it (and how I was practically in love with it) and she very generously gave me the pattern to test out! Thanks, Sharon!

I started working on it yesterday evening and finished it about an hour ago. It was quite a bit of work but I am very happy with it! He is so cute!



If you are interested in making this dragon, you can find this pattern (and many more!)  at Sharon’s Etsy shop Ami Amour and on her website here. Pay her a visit! She has the cutest amis!

(Psst… if you don’t want to make them, she also sells completed ones!)

Well, that’s all I have for you now. I have a couple of ideas running through my head which I hope to start working on soon.

Until next time!



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