Crochet on the Back Burner.

Another week has gone by and I still haven’t created anything new…

Every once in a while, I get into this crochet funk where it is the last thing I think about. Typically, when this happens, as soon as I return to my crochet/knit MeetUp group (ever other week)  it all goes away. I think that when I am surrounded by other people who are enthusiastic about what they are doing it inspires me to get into the game again. I just need some motivation!

I missed the last meeting for… some reason. That day, I felt out of it. Not even sick or anything! Just out of it. Luckily, the next meeting is on Tuesday and I will definitely be there!

However, though I haven’t really been focusing on crochet recently, I did finish one project. On Ravelry, I found a cute pattern for a cat named Mr. Tibbles by Claudia van K. I fell in love with his little face and added him to my queue.

Mr. Tibbles, now known as “Greg” in our household, was the only thing I had worked on in the past week. Truthfully, he was quite a bit of work. With this pattern you make two pieces and sew them together. The amount on rows I had to make was a little tedious and the fact that I was using a size 3.25mm (D) hook didn’t help either (I was really supposed to use a 2.25mm! *gasp*). So, yeah, small hook and a lot of rows made me procrastinate on this as well.

I started Greg on Thursday of last week and finished the first piece:


All alone…

After that, I didn’t touch it again until Tuesday.

But on that day, I was determined to finish it! So, I completed the second piece:


Ooh! A friend!

Then I made his little bow tie (I don’t have any felt so I crocheted one) and embroidered his face:

So dashing!

Isn’t his face adorable? I think  he could use a monocle. It would complete his appearance. 😉

I digress!

After I finished his face, I began to sew him together. In the end, this is how he turned out:

All done!

All done!

He is so cute. And he’s a pretty good size too! All because I used a larger hook. Can you imagine if I used the (H) hook instead? Actually, that would be pretty awesome… maybe next time!

Anywho, I’m going to try to work on my own patterns again (for reals this time!). I have an idea… and it has to be done soon. Well, I guess it doesn’t have to be DONE… but I would like it to be close to done. We will see how it goes. We have actually been somewhat busy on the weekends. Trying to be social is a lot of work! Especially for those who tend to stay in the background…

That’s all for this week! Unless I whip up something really quick. 😉 See you all again soon!


PS – Do you have Ravelry? You should friend me! I like friends… and I’d like to see what you are making! My username is Raychole.


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