It’s Almost Animal Crossing Time!!

In a few days, I will FINALLY be playing the game I have been waiting for. It seems like I have been waiting FOREVER for Animal Crossing: New Leaf to come out when, really, it has only been about 6 months.

6 months is a long time!


Because I was (still am!) so excited for this game to come out, I figured what better way to celebrate than to make an amigurumi from the original Animal Crossing! So, last night and this afternoon I worked on my newest creation:



A girl character from the original Animal Crossing on the GameCube.

I tried various options for the eyes (my brother even suggested using googly eyes) but I couldn’t figure out the best way to make them. So, in the end I just made it a simple eye. Yes, I know that one eye is a little wonky… next time it will be better. I may have to invest in some felt. And one of those felt hole punch things to make beautiful circles.

Maybe someday…


What do you think about my AC girl? Not too bad for a first try. I also want to make one of the animal characters too. I just don’t know who to make… Maybe Bob the cat? He’s so cute.

Ooooooh! I am sooooo excited to get the game! You don’t even know… unless, of course, you have been waiting for it too! Then we are in the same boat. Only a few more days! Yay!

Well, off I go!

Have a great weekend!



2 thoughts on “It’s Almost Animal Crossing Time!!

  1. Blizza says:

    I think your plushie is adorable! If I could ever figure out/ have the time, to create a cool batman or character from Assassin’s Creed I’d be set 🙂 Those are my games! I’m excited for the next Batman game to come out in the Fall! ^.^

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