Working on Something Special…

Hey all!

I want to let you in on something great.

As some of you may know, Comic-Con is coming to San Diego in July. Unfortunately, I forgot to buy tickets and won’t be attending. However, I will be there in spirit… er… yarn.

A local yarn-bomber/artist, Marcy from Crochet Grenade, will be beautifying the children’s park across the street from the convention center during Comic-Con by turning the large cement cubes scattered throughout the park into giant rubiks cubes! How exciting!

As I have mentioned before, I am a part of a local crochet MeetUp and last Tuesday Marcy was nice enough to join us! In honor of her presence, we dedicated the meeting to making squares. As a “reward,” if you, or your group, are able to complete a whole cube, you will be able to leave your name on it.

So, since Tuesday, I have been doing this:



If you would like to help out with the squares, or would like to donate some yarn to the cause, please visit the Event Page on Facebook. Any help at all is greatly appreciated! If you were to buy one skein of yarn, you could make one panel of the cube and then some! Each skein makes about 10-12 squares and all you need to finish one panel is 9! How easy is that? And once you get used to the pattern, you blow through them like crazy.

You should help out!

Aside from all of the squares, I also worked on a birthday present for my Mother-in-law. I didn’t start working on anything until the last minute so, instead of making something freehand, I found a pattern on Ravelry and made that instead. 🙂

This is what I chose:



The Miffy pattern by Sara Yip. When browsing through the finished projects, I saw a few people saying they made adjustments to the pattern. The adjustments I used most can be found here on A Gamer’s Wife. It turned out pretty cute. I should be giving it to my MIL today – hopefully she will like it.

I probably won’t be doing any crocheting this weekend… we have family in town! Yay! Fun times.

Also, I finally got Animal Crossing. I have mayor duties to attend to!

And with that, I’m out. Hope you all have a great weekend!



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