FO Friday – Well, at least one thing.


Hope everyone’s week went well!

Mine? Well, it was okay. I had a midterm for one class, a library panel lecture to attend, and a fake trial to participate it. Oh. And I had to read a lot of poetry… so much poetry.

But that has all passed now and now I get to start my birthday weekend! 😀

However, I do have another midterm to work on this weekend and working on a paper due a little more than a week from now.


Anyway, I have done a little bit of crocheting lately. I finally added a bit more to Gaw by giving him hands/claws:

2013-10-18 17.14.17

Yay! Hands!

I will be working on his feet next and after that… we will see about the wings.

My FO (finish off) for this week was an earwarmer that I was attempting to make for a friend. She showed me a picture of one she saw on Instagram and asked if I could try to make it. I said I would try and this is what I ended up with:

2013-10-18 17.21.21

I freehanded the actual band by starting with 6 stitches then gradually increased to 12-14 (I forgot how many!). I then went around the outer edges to give it a clean finish. After that, I added on this flower from a pattern I had used previously from Ravelry. Don’t panic when you see the foreign language! If you scroll down to the bottom you will find the English translation. It’s a little big on me so I can’t really show you an “action shot” of it (I sized it for my friend and I have a very small head).

Also, I had a sale on Etsy yesterday so I have been working on that item. I sold a “Gomez” from the video game Fez but I can’t finish him at the moment… it turns out I ran out of gold yarn for the tassel on his little fez! I hate when that happens! Grr!

2013-10-18 17.03.17

Dude, where’s my fez?

Since the weather is starting to cool down, I am thinking of making more scarfs and hats! We’ll see how it goes. No promises!

Oh yeah! I forgot. My mother-in-law gave me a few early birthday presents (though really we’ve been planning these for a while)! She has been trying to design a crochet hook case and finally had a chance to sew them up. Here they are:

2013-10-18 19.26.54

They turned out pretty nice! A little big for the amount of hooks I have though… Also, having the little section for a book/notepad was a great idea! However, it’s hard to roll it up. 😉 We have some other fabrics we want to try them on so I’ll be giving her some feedback when I see her tomorrow.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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