Of Puppies and Tamagotchis

Hello! Hello!

This has been a good week. Now onto a good weekend (maybe)!

I actually don’t have any plans aside from working on another paper for school. And Animal Crossing. And Pokémon X.

Oh! And I sold another Gomez! Yay! After such a lull in sales during the summer, the fact that I have had 2 sales this month is awesome! However, this time instead of being out of gold yarn, I am now out of white yarn! Yikes! Of all colors you’d think that I would be stocked up with white! But, alas… Off to the store I go. At least Michael’s still carries white! It seems like every color I have been needing recently, Michael’s has stopped carrying it! What’s up with that?

Speaking of gold yarn… I made a new ami this week:

2013-10-25 12.08.33

It’s the dog from the Super Nintendo Harvest Moon! I need to do a few alterations to the pattern I wrote out. His body is either too fat or his head is too small. I need to decide which I want to change. He’s so cute! In the SNES version, the dog’s name is “Koro” unless you choose to rename it. We have been calling it “Bean” because when I first started on it, and all I had was the body finished, it looked like a bean.

I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but Harvest Moon is one of my favorite video game series. I have played most of the games and I actually have two versions of the cow in my Etsy store! I have the SNES inspired cow and also the more “current” cow (not the one from HM: A New Beginning. That one looks like it’s wearing a toupee!).

On a slightly different note, I have started using the Tamagotchi app on my phone (SGS3) again. I don’t know why… I saw the icon and was like, “Well, why not?” It’s something to do during class breaks or whenever.

2013-10-25 12.01.40

This is the growth of my little “baby.” The reason that this is “related” to crochet is because I happen to have this adult Tamagotchi in my shop! This is a Tarakotchi. It is one of the first ones I made and one of the easiest. I am thinking about making this pattern available but I don’t know when. Maybe next time? Would you be interested?

Just look how happy he is!

2013-10-25 12.11.59

Um… uh oh…

Well, at least he WAS happy…

I just turned it on again and this is what I saw:

2013-10-25 13.02.14

Dang it!

Not again! He was only 6 years old…


On that note, I guess that’s all for this week’s exciting episode of… crochet? Plushies? Tamagotchis?


See you again soon!


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