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I don’t really have too much to say today but I wanted to share what I finished yesterday!

Do you recognize this puppy?



This is Poochy! You can find him in Tetris Attack on the SNES and also (briefly) in Yoshi’s Island (also on the SNES).

Here’s my attempt:





It took me most of the day to complete it. Overall, I am quite happy with it though parts were pretty challenging. I don’t think this will be an item I will add to my shop as a “made to order” item though. Maybe if I “fine tune” the pattern a bit… we’ll see.

This Poochy was a request from a friend.

Hopefully he likes it!

In other news, I received some more late X-mas items and included was another crochet book:

2014-01-15 14.28.48

It has some pretty cute patterns in there (you can find the book here). The first one I finished was the blue hat on the cover.

It is called the “Peacock Hat” by Brenda K.B. Anderson.



It’s pretty cute. It was a challenge for me because I have never followed any patterns as intricate as this one before. Most of my projects are pretty basic but this one had me paying very close attention to the pattern!

Up next? Probably that crocodile on the cover! 😉

I have a lot of yarn that I would like to use up so all of these crochet books are coming in quite handy!

Onto the next project!


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