Gelatinoid Pattern

The other day, my husband started playing a game called “Vay” on the Sega CD. One of the very first monsters you encounter is a little, squishy, blob-like creature called a “Gelatinoid.”


Click image for source

He said to me, “Once you finish my Gaw, you should make this for me!”

Well, I don’t even want to think about Gaw…I haven’t touched it since the last update. Still no legs and no wings. I really just have no idea how to go about finishing it! GAW!

Instead, when I had a break between homework assignments, I whipped up this Gelatinoid really quick.


A “Gelatinoid”

It’s great for those small balls of yarn you have left! A stash-buster I guess you’d call it in the yarn world?

It’s not quite a slime and it’s not quite an octopus. Perhaps a hybrid? I dunno… it’s a blob with legs/tentacles.

Anywho, I wrote out a very quick pattern for anyone who’s interested in using up those random pieces of yarn that just sit around. I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of random colors leftover from larger projects that I just can’t seem to get rid of!




To make the “Vay” inspired Gelatinoid, you will need:

  • light/pale blue, black, and pink yarn
  • Size 5.00 (H) hook
  • Fiberfill/stuffing
  • Yarn needle


With light blue (or color of your choice!), start with the Magic Ring.

Row 1: Single crochet (sc) 6 – 6

Row 2: Increase (Inc) in each stitch (St) – 12

Row 3: (Inc, sc 1) around – 18

Row 4: (Inc, sc 2) around – 24

Row 5: (inc, sc 3) around – 30

Row 6: (Inc, sc 4) around – 36

Rows 7-9: Sc around

Row 10: (Decrease, sc 4) – 30

Row 11: (Dec, sc 3) – 24

Row 12: (Dec, sc 2) – 18

Row 13: (Dec, sc 1) – 12

Row 14: Dec around – 6

Finish off (FO), stuff, and sew shut.

Legs/Tentacles (Make 5)

With blue, chain 12.

FO leaving tail to attach.

After making 5, attach to the bottom of the body (I attach mine close to the center).


Embroider eyes and mouth with black (or use felt).

Use pink yarn to embroider cheeks/blush (or use fabric paint/felt).

See photo for details/placement.

All done! A quick and simple pattern great for that extra yarn!


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