FO Friday – Gaw is finally completed!

Today’s the day!

He’s finally finished!

The Gaw that I started MONTHS ago and have been neglecting to finish is finally done:

Gaw 1


There was quite a bit left for me to finish (here’s a reminder) and I decided that if I didn’t do it today, I probably never would. Since this was a request from my husband…I really wanted to finish it. The only part that I was dreading (which I have mentioned before) was the wings.

Gaw 2

Though I wrote down a vast majority of the pattern while I was making it, I didn’t do so with the wings. You could say I “wing”ed it. I had no idea what to do with them and I didn’t feel like doing a TON of trial and error. For those of you who are familiar with the character, then you know that I kind of cheated with the wings. I opted for a more simplistic wing which, for the size of this project, I think worked out for the best.

Gaw 6

The problem I wasn’t expecting, however, was the issue with his feet/claws. You know how when you set aside something you are working on for a long time and then pick it back up you realize that pieces aren’t quite as big/small as you thought they were? Yeah…if I was to do this all over I would make the body a bit larger because, looking back at it now, his hands are a little too big.

 Gaw 7

But, I made do with what I already completed. I originally wanted his feet to be flat on the ground (and closer to his body) since that is how his sprite in the game looks. But, since his body isn’t as proportioned as I thought, I had to put them directly underneath him. I was very concerned about this at first (and almost called it quits!) but then I realized that it may not turn out as bad as I was thinking.

I still needed to make his tail!

Gaw 4

I figured that since the tail still needed to be finished, I could have the tail propping him up from the back so he wouldn’t be sitting at some bizarre angle. Once I realized that, I felt a big sense of relief and continued on. I guess I should mention that I didn’t write down the pattern for the tail either… I didn’t really wing it on this part – I (mostly) followed another pattern found at Mia’s AtelierI looked at her Charizard pattern (which is totally awesome!) and loosely based my tail on what she did. I started off the same but when it came to the amount of repeated rows, I shortened it a bit because I didn’t need to make mine as long (I also used a smaller hook). All in all, I only used about half of the tail pattern. I almost used her wing pattern but decided against it. Too many pieces. 😉

Gaw 5

Overall, I am very pleased with how Gaw turned out! I don’t think I am going to make another one though… This is a one-time thing! It was pretty time consuming and though I wrote down a lot of the pattern, I just don’t think I’m ever going to want to make it again. Like always, we’ll see what happens. I may change my mind.

Gaw 8

Oh, look! He’s made a new friend already! Sega buddies have to stick together, you know.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


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