What’s the Big Spheal?

Yay! I finished something else!

I guess working on that crocodile motivated me to start crocheting again. Let’s see how long it lasts…

It also helps being a member of a Ravelry group focused on Pokémon! The May CAL (crochet along) was water type Pokémon and, even though I missed it by a few days, I felt the need to participate in this one.

One of the Pokémon on my mental to do list was a Spheal. They are just so cute and round!

20140604_110603 20140604_110615

20140604_110702 20140604_110743

One of the other Ravelry groups I am a member of may be doing a Pokémon themed CAL this month, too. Basically, I am killing two birds with one stone. Well, maybe 3 birds since this will also be added to my Etsy inventory as well. 🙂 And if they decide we aren’t doing Pokémon after all, well, I’m still glad I made it.

I think it turned out great! But that’s just my opinion. I saw a pattern or two available online for a Spheal but I really wanted to make my own. Some of them just didn’t have the right look or not enough detail to them.

Oh, yeah. As I mentioned before, we are preparing the baby’s room and we finished a bit more on Monday. My husband and his dad put up the ceiling fan/light (finally!) and they also attached the baseboards. You can see the new baseboards in the top two photos. 🙂 Much better than our old ones! All we need now is some furniture!

Happy Hump Day!


2 thoughts on “What’s the Big Spheal?

  1. machinegunmama says:

    He is adorable! I don’t know much about Pokemon , but he looks like a squishy kitty face ball of squeezy love!

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