FInally! Some FOs!

Happy Labor Day!

Hello, September! Where did you come from? Wasn’t it just July?

I can’t believe my little baby is already two months old! This guy is like a sponge – absorbing all my time.

He’s finally starting to sit in his bouncy chair (without crying!) for small amounts of time (as long as I stay in front of him) giving me a chance to do a bit of crocheting in a normal position (instead of over his head).

First off, I finally finished the Buttered Toast scarf that I started back in June. Here it is:


So fancy!

To get the details on this scarf (pattern, websites, etc), check out my previous post.

I also managed to make a few hats! These are easy to work on because once you get the pattern down, you can make it without too much concentration. The pattern I used was “The Perfect V-Stitch Hat” by Sarah Lora that I found on Ravelry. I ended up making two hats from this pattern, but neither were made by following the directions completely.

For this gray hat, ended up subtracting a few rows from the ribbed portion because, due to the yarn I was using, it was turning out far too big for my head!


With this lavender hat, I used Caron Simply Soft yarn because I knew that it would turn out just a bit smaller. This time, instead of it being too big, I ran out of yarn at the brim portion and ended up just doing rows of half double crochet instead.


Yarn shortage! (And comparison to the gray hat)


Completed hat!

Oh, and I also broke my crochet hook while finishing up the brim!



Can you believe it? Oh well… it gave me an excuse to buy some new crochet hooks!



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