Fresh Friday 11/21/14

Welcome, folks!

It’s Friday again and that means it’s time for the second installment of Fresh Friday (and time to relax for the weekend)! I hope you all had a good week. Only two more weeks left in the semester – for me anyway. For those of you with more time left… hang in there!

You know what I like most about searching through the “recently added” section of Ravelry? The fact that some these patterns may not have been tested. This gives you the chance to help the author/artist find any flaws with the pattern and maybe (just maybe) they will feature your finished product on the pattern’s page! Such an honor!

I recently featured a few Ravelers’ finished projects on two of my patterns. I included two for my Minecraft Ghast and one for my Tarakotchi. I love seeing how others make them! Each person has their own technique making the final result a little different from the rest. If you’ve  completed either of these two patterns, I would love to see it!

Onto this week’s finds! Enjoy!

1. What a sweet Christmas tree ring! It’s so tiny. 🙂

2. This Pumpkin Pie bunting. You know – if you’re into that kind of thing.

3. I really like the pattern of this baby blanket. I’d probably use a light blue and grey since I have a little boy!

4. A simple planter cover to make your plants a bit more festive!

5. I’ve never worn fingerless gloves before, but this pattern makes me want to try them out!

6. I need to make some of these little bells for my tree!

7. Such cute little robins!

8. My sister would LOVE this Zero (The Nightmare Before Christmas) plush!

9. I haven’t seen the movie (and probably won’t), but this plush from Big Hero 6 is adorable.

10. You can never have too many bear patterns! 🙂

That’s it for this week’s installment. See anything you like? What great patterns did you find this week (new or old)?

See you again next week for some more Fresh Friday! Have a great weekend! 😀


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