Fresh Friday 11/28/14

Welcome back!

It’s Black Friday! Are you standing in line right now? Or were you one of the brave people who ventured out in the middle of the night…in the cold…in the dark? *shiver* No, thank you!

I prefer to spend my Black Friday shopping at home on Amazon. Although, the last couple of years have been pretty disappointing. We had one fabulous year where we got sooooo much stuff at a great price but since then, we haven’t had much luck. There really aren’t that great of deals out there. Besides… all of the stores will start their winter sales soon anyway. I’d rather wait.

Plus, we just had Thanksgiving. You know, when we are thankful for what we have and all that jazz? It’s relaxation time after all of that food! Gotta recover!

Anywho… I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving with a lot of yummy food and quality time with their loved ones. If you’re traveling, I hope you get to go home soon and celebrate a late Thanksgiving! That’s what we did one year when my husband was out of town. We had ours that weekend instead (I actually had two). 🙂

For those of you who have joined us before, welcome back to Fresh Friday! To the newcomers, welcome! The point of this post is to share with you my favorite (free) patterns found in the “recently added” section of Ravelry from the last week.

*Disclaimer – I know there may tend to be a lot of Christmas related patterns, but that’s how it goes. It’s almost Xmas after all!*

For the previous Fresh Friday posts, click here!


1. These snowman head ornaments are super cute!

2. This stocking ornament pattern is a bit more simple than the ones in my last post but just as cute!

3. I love pinwheels!

4. Mmm… toaster pastries!

5. This bear cowl is adorable!

6. Need a little decorating help? These holly & berries are simple and sweet.

7. Because you can never have too much turkey.

8. I may need to make one of these cat rattles for my son!

9. This Dizzy Elves hat looks like fun.

10. I like the look of this chunky cable hat. I’ve never done anything with cable stitches before… maybe I should try it out!

Anything catch your eye? Did you find any new patterns this week that you absolutely love?

See you again next week for another new pattern round-up!

Have a great weekend and safe travels!

PS – This weekend ONLY, take 10% off of your total purchase at my Etsy shop by entering coupon code GIVETHANKS at checkout!


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