Sometimes You Need to Admit Defeat.

During my time on Etsy (going on two years in January!), I have sold my fair share of plushies.

There are a few items, however, which have never sold. And I think it’s about time I phased them out.

Though listing fees are small and last for a few months, if something isn’t selling (not even once) then maybe it’s just not right for the current market. For these few items, I feel that this is so. It saddens me because they are some of my first amis that I made on my own. I guess that is why I like them so much – because they are so personal.

I think I’m going to lower the prices a little bit until their listings expire. If they don’t sell, I’ll just give them away. Maybe they will be my next shared pattern? Who knows…

One of the first amis I made was this Maskutchi:

He's a little wonky...

He’s a little wonky…

I was so happy with it when I first made it! I was just starting to follow patterns and when I did this one completely freehand, I was so pleased! I recently had him listed as a prototype and he was on clearance for $8. The listing just expired the other day and I’m not planning on listing it again. Maybe some lucky customer will receive a bonus item?

I later tried to replicate it and ended up with this:

Much better!

Much better!

While the original definitely has its charm, the updated version is a lot better. The shapes are more defined and the stitches are cleaner. I currently have this one listed at $18 and it doesn’t expire until March. I can’t really say that I’ve never sold one…because I did…to my mother-in-law. But I don’t really like to count that one as a sale so that’s why it’s on this list. Due to its lack of views and “favorites” I think this may be its last run.

Later on, after the updated version of Maskutchi, I decided to make another Tamagotchi –  Mametchi (I guess you could say I was on a Tamagotchi kick since, you may recall, I also made a Tarakotchi). This is what it looks like:



I happen to think he’s adorable… but, again, this may be my own personal attachment. I have this one listed at $15 and his expiration date is on December 12th. Still debating whether I want to keep him on there or not. This one has never sold and is the original plushie. In fact, I have never made a second one! I’m thinking I may use him for another “make over” post. Although, there isn’t too much I need to change on there. Just maybe a little adjusting to the overall shape… I love him! I mean…just look at that face. C’mon.

The last listing that I have had trouble selling is probably one of my most intricate pieces. Like the last one, I only made one and this is it! I was so proud of it when I finished! It was my Miso from the Katamari series:

Cousin Miso!

Cousin Miso!

Here is a shot of the inside of his soup bowl/head:



He was a fun ami to make and I was incredibly pleased with myself. I was still learning a few techniques at the time and was trying to apply them to my own projects. His listing actually expired before I got around to publishing this post and I decided to give him one more go. I have lowered his price a little bit hoping that maybe he will sell this time around. He is listed at $20 and it doesn’t expire until April 1st.

Anyway… I guess the point of this post was more to vent than anything. I just feel that these few guys need a little bit of publicity! It may just be because I have this personal connection to them… but they deserve a nice home! If I had a lot of space, and maybe a cabinet to display them in, I wouldn’t worry about them selling or not. But our space is really limited and the longer they sit around… the sadder I get.

But I could just be looking at it the wrong way.

Maybe the right person hasn’t come around yet and they’re just waiting for that special someone to find them. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sometimes You Need to Admit Defeat.

  1. Karin says:

    I love your cousin miso! Adorable 🙂 I’ve had mixed luck with Etsy. I think that handcrafted items (especially knit or crochet) still don’t get the love they deserve.

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