Fresh Friday 12/5/2014

Hello, everyone!

Hope it was a great week for all! We’ve had some rain the last few days which was nice. Except when I had to drive in it – then it wasn’t so nice. People seem to drive worse when it rains – and considering they drive terribly to begin with, that’s saying a lot. Tsk tsk.

Oh! So, I have a little news… Sort of.

Remember my last post about the items I couldn’t sell? Well… I sold one! 😀

See ya later, alligator!

See ya later, alligator!

You wouldn’t believe how pleased I am. As much as I’d like to think it was due to my post, I can’t really say if it was or not. There wasn’t a link from my blog to Etsy so I don’t know… it could just be a coincidence. But I won’t complain! A big “thank you” to you, whoever you are! I appreciate your business! 😀

Enough about me. Onto this week’s patterns!

1. My mom would go crazy over this cute dachshund.

2. I like the look of this tunic! The color used is just lovely!

3. What a fun rainbow scarf!

4. This little elf is just too cute! Kinda like if Link dressed up for Xmas. 😉

5. I’m thinking this C3PO plushie may be a must for my dad!

6. Aww… widdle piggy wiggies!

7. I don’t often wear them, but I like how this cabled headband/wrap looks. Plus, I haven’t done any cable stitches before!

8. I just think this mini Charles Darwin is so adorable! Just look at that beard!

9. I’ve been trying out these basket weave beanies. They are a cinch once you get used to it!

10. I’m not one for mug cozies, but these reindeer cozies would be so cute at a holiday party.

Those are my picks for the week!

Did you find any new patterns that you loved? Please share them with me! 🙂

Have a great weekend!

PS – As mentioned in the list, I was trying out some basket weave beanies. I didn’t realize it asked for bulky yarn so it came out really small. This is what happened:

He's in disguise...

He’s in disguise…

It looks like a wig! Haha! That’s what happens when you don’t check the gauge!


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