Fresh Friday 12/12/14

Hi there!

I’m a little late today with my post (but not by much). I fell behind in preparing for this post this week because I’ve been working on a lot of orders! I feel like I’ve had one everyday this week but it may have been more like every other day (which is just as nice)! Oh, and there’s the baby, too… he takes most of my time. ūüėČ

It feels good to have a lot of sales, but it makes me realize how little I have crocheted recently because my hand hurts! It’s not even my crochet hand – it’s the one I hold my work with. Ouchy!

Today seems like it’s going to be a nice day. The baby seems to be in a good mood – even though he peed on our bed. And he’s teething. Ugh. Aside from that, it’s also raining! Yay! We definitely need it here in southern CA. I love rain. But not driving in it. So, no plans to travel anywhere today.

On to this week’s finds! It may seem a bit Xmas heavy, but that’s how it goes when it’s so close to Xmas!

1. I know I linked to some snowman ornaments previously, but these snowman heads with headphones are awesome!

2. Have a lot of scrap yarn left? Turn them into some colorful Christmas tree ornaments or a garland!

3. Though I wouldn’t necessarily consider these patterns, I really liked these gift wrapping ideas. Maybe when I (finally) run out of wrapping paper.

4. I’ve seen so many ribbon wreaths for the holidays, but haven’t seen too many crocheted wreaths. What a neat idea!

5. I’ve been meaning to make one of these Final Fantasy¬†cactaurs. If I get too lazy to make my own, I can always use this great pattern.

6. I have an aunt who loves Hello Kitty – this beanie would make a perfect gift.

7. These ornament coasters add a nice touch to your Xmas decorating.

8. Need a new purse to put on your keychain? Or maybe your child does? These cute little keychain purses are highly customizable!

9. These amigurumi lions are absolutely adorable! The manes are impressive!

10. I’m loving this cowl! It also comes with matching boot cuffs.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s finds! When I finish up with¬†my orders, I’ll definitely be working on some of these!

Have a great weekend!

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