Fresh Friday 12/19/14

Hey, y’all! Happy Friday! 😀

Hope everyone’s week was great and stress free. Are you finished with your holiday shopping? I’m just about done. I ordered most of my gifts online (since it’s too hard to go out with the baby) and only have stocking stuffers left to pick up. Still waiting on one delivery though…

Business was booming last week for orders in my shop! I had posted a “deadline” for orders but still ended up getting a couple afterwards. Luckily, each time I received one I had just finished up a previous order so I was able to complete them on time. Yay me!

Before we get started on this week’s finds, I want to share some FOs!

First off, you may remember from this post that I was attempting to follow a basketweave beanie pattern but was running into a few problems. I finally ended up adjusting it a bit by increasing for another row and adding more rows. Here’s the finished beanie:


I also made a couple more ornaments to add to our tree. I made a few more of those spiral ornaments, two little stockings, and a bell.




The stockings are so cute! They’re so tiny. The pattern called for a little bow to put on the trim but I decided not to do it. I also made a chain loop for hanging it on the tree. I ran into a few problems with the bell pattern. First of all, I was using the wrong hook. Second, I kept reading the pattern wrong so I was ending up with these weird shapes! And third, the yarn was driving me nuts. But I finally finished it!

I also finally made my hubby’s Mr. Saturn! This was my prototype:


I wanted to use up some scrap yarn instead of my good stuff. Hence the rainbow sherbet. 😉 I liked how he turned out and was able to see right away what needed to be adjusted.

Here’s the FINAL one:

 20141215_200654 20141215_200649

He’s pretty awesome. At least I think so. And so does my husband and that’s what matters since I made it for him. ❤


That’s about it for my recent FOs! What have you been working on?

Onto this week’s Fresh Friday!

1. If you follow the crochet tag here on WordPress, then you may have already seen this adorable donkey. So stinkin’ cute!

2. From the same artist who gave us the spiral ornament pattern, recently added were these awesome snowflakes.

3. This set of Totoros and Soot Sprites are super cute!

4. This spiral rose heart would make a great embellishment to any project.

5. Need a gift idea for the Pokémon lover in your family? This Spinarak is great!

6. And after you make that, add one of these yummy Pokepuffs to it.

7. The design of this infinity scarf is quite interesting! You know I love a good scarf pattern!

8. These wide ear warmers would be  nice stocking stuffers.

9. Need something festive to wear outside while looking at Xmas lights or caroling? This Santa headband would be awesome!

10. Looking for a small accent piece to complete your outfit or for your office party? Try this cute elf hat!

That’s it for this week’s finds!

I may not have a post for next Friday since it’s the day after Christmas. We’ll see what happens during the week!

I hope you all have a great weekend and (if I don’t have a post next week) Happy Holidays! 😀


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