Fresh Friday 1/16/15


I may have temporarily forgotten I had a blog.

I said I probably wouldn’t post the Friday after Christmas and I didn’t. BUT – I also didn’t post the two Fridays after that! I totally forgot! Well, I remembered… but then I forgot again. Duh! I am so absentminded sometimes. I blame the baby! 😉

I don’t really have too much to say or have any updates. Aside from the Etsy orders I had leading up to Xmas, my crocheting has come to a standstill. I haven’t even looked at Ravelry until now. Too busy with our little bambino. Well, I suppose I do have a tiny update – our little cutie pie has his second little tooth coming through and he started saying “Mama” on Monday. Although, it’s more like “Mamamamama” so who knows if he’s actually saying it or not. But we’re going to go ahead and say he is. Haha! We’ve also started him on solid foods and that’s an experience all on its own.

So… about that lack of posting. I guess I’m just going to post more patterns than usual to make up for it! Here goes nothin’!

1. This cute Baby Bear Hat is adorable! I’ll need to make one before winter leaves us in So. Cal! Though it’s for a newborn so I will need to adjust it. (Even if you aren’t interested in the beanie, you should check out the picture of her new grandson wearing it – so cute!)

2. Want your child to have the best backpack in their class? Check out this Puppy Dog Bag.

3. Are you a TF2 fan? Then you may enjoy this Balloonicorn pattern!

4. I’m liking this slouch hat. There is also a matching cowl!

5. Though I prefer not to include patterns from companies, I really liked this School of Fish Blanket from Red Heart.

6. OMG Tree Trunks!! XD

7. What a cute little HootHoot.

8. I’ve seen a lot of minion patterns out there, but this Stuart minion is the best I’ve seen.

9. My Mom is a huge fan of Snoopy, so she’d love this Woodstock.

10. Check out this awesome Tom Servo plush from Mystery Science Theater (MST3K)!

Well, I didn’t get more than my usual ten links. At least I made it a point to post this week! I’ll try to stay on top of this… maybe I should draft out a few weeks worth of posts?

Have a great weekend!


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