It’s time for some stash busting!

Stashes, collections, hoards, arsenals…

Let’s face it – as a crocheter or knitter, we could all use a good stash busting session once in a while.

After we finish our latest projects, we tend to have a lot of small, little balls of leftover yarn that, for the life of us, we can’t find anything to use them for.

While I do like the charm of a stash buster afghan, I already have one! A few years ago I made a large granny square blanket which is now taking up space in our storage room (since we have no space in the hall closet). So, I don’t really want to make another one unless I plan on giving it to someone else. Although, a stash busting baby blanket could be useful… but I’ve already made two baby blankets recently!

Today’s mission was to find some stash busting patterns to use up all (or most) of those pesky little yarn balls taking up space in our…um… stashes. What better way to do some spring cleaning than to clean out that extra yarn? You know… to make space for your new yarn.

I kid. I kid.

Or do I?

I did a little search on Bing to find some stash busting inspiration and then moved onto Pinterest. I hope these give you some good ideas to use up all of those precious materials!


(Note: All photos are property of their respected blogs/websites)


Afghan Collage

1. The Blackberry Salad Striped Blanket

2. Crochet monster granny squares

3. The groovy-ghan

Household Items

Household Collage

4. Hanger covers

5. Door bumpers

6. Yarn Scraps Wall Art


Cozy Collage

7. Tablet Case

8. 15 Minute Coffee Sleeves

9. Cupcake Coffee/Tea Cup Cozy

10. Clock cover

Fun Stuff

Fun Stuff Collage

11. Spring Bunny Pen Buddy

12. Enormous Stripey Knitted Snake

13. Spring Bunny Applique

14. Tiny Crochet Cars


Accessories Collage

15. Easy Crochet Bows

16. Hair Clips


And don’t forget – you can always make an amigurumi with random colors. It makes them colorful and fun!

What are your go-to stash busting projects/patterns?

3 thoughts on “It’s time for some stash busting!

  1. readerlygeek says:

    I love those bunny pins! I’m so horrible at stash busting. I’ve been trying to figure out ways to get rid of the excess bulky and super bulky yarn I’ve used for knitting, and I’m leaning toward using mug cozies and maybe some little accessories patterns I’ve found on Ravelry.

    • raychole says:

      I like sleeves for coffee/tea but I just can’t get into making an actual mug cozy. The brims of them are so high that I just picture it touching my lips while drinking and it grosses me out. Haha

  2. AnnaSan says:

    Nice assortment of stash busting ideas! I really like the hanger and clock covers – so cute! 😀

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