Not too much going on right now…

I’m in the final stretch of the semester (and college in general!) so the pressure is on. Only this week and finals week to go and I am DONE. What I’ll do after that… I don’t know.

Right now I am just focusing on taking care of my little one (and school work) – but mostly the baby. My husband is out of town for 5 weeks (ugh) so I am on watch 100% of the time. Except when I leave him with his Grandparents on days I have class but that’s only for a few hours. It’s tough work, let me tell you. It can be quite draining. I’m exhausted.

(Why I’m up at 11 pm writing a blog post is beyond me)

There hasn’t been much crocheting recently, I can tell you that much. It’s hard to do when there is a 10-month old crawling around on you and at night I’d rather play video games or read.

Right now I am playing Story of Seasons on the 3DS. It’s by the original developers of Harvest Moon but I guess they lost the license to the name or something so it’s called something else. But it’s still Harvest Moon to me! I’ve heard that the new Harvest Moon that came out recently is absolutely terrible so I’m probably not gonna pick that one up…

Anyway, this is a crochet blog so here’s some crochet stuff!

I recently ordered a “mystery crochet hook” from The Clay Bean Co. on Etsy. I asked the shop owner for something food related and she sent me this:

Hamburger Hook

It’s a hamburger! Isn’t it awesome? I love it.

My brother says that I should get one with fries or a shake on it next. 😛

It’s a size 3.5mm (E) hook so I don’t know how often I will use it since I typically use an H hook. I’ll just have to find something to make or else just use it instead! Maybe after school is done I’ll work on something with it.

I did, however, just finish something tonight.

Yesterday, a friend of mine tagged me in the comments of a Facebook post linking to this BuzzFeed page.

A lot of these patterns are very cute and I decided to whip one up that night because it (slightly) motivated me. I would have finished it last night – and I thought I did – but the pattern had some errors.

Here’s what I made:

Monster Bib

This is the Monster Baby Bib by Repeat (Cr)after Me.

It’s a cute pattern, but it has an error in the portion for the straps that I had to adjust. When I followed it as written, the straps were MUCH too short. I had to add on about 10 more rows to it and even after that, I’m still not sure it’s long enough! Unfortunately, I didn’t care enough to fix it anymore and just finished it. I still need to find a button to use for the clasp though. I’m sure I have one lying around somewhere…

If you want to make this bib, I would suggest adding on at least 10 rows and also make the straps a little narrower. It may work for you as is – maybe my son’s neck is too big? But I doubt it. He’s not overweight by any means. Overall, it’s a cute idea.


Oh, the other day I also got a coupon for a free pattern on Ravelry from Newborn Knots. I chose the Funky Fedora! It’s super cute. Maybe my next project?

I’m beat – off to bed for this tired mommy!



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