Mini Yarn Haul!

IΒ had a gift card from Xmas for Michael’s burning a hole in my wallet and I finally got around to spending some of it (Actually, I just realized it was there a few days ago).

I still have, like, $10 left. I’m bound to need some other stuff though! πŸ˜€


Yarn Haul

Now I just need something to make!

I have plans for the purple and green but the white was just a necessity. You can never have too much white yarn (I think I may have said that before)! The dark teal was just really pretty and the lighter teal is the color I use (I think) for Jigglypuff’s eyes which I was running low on.

I bought some felt and fabric glue to test out making eyes for some of my items. And I just thought the frame was cute (and it was only $1.50).

Now that school is done, I’ll have more time to work on some new creations.

If I can get a moment to myself, that is…


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