I’m learning to what now?

I’ve gone and taught myself to knit! πŸ˜€

Dun dun DUN!

Well, technically I learned from a YouTube video, but there wasn’t anyone standing by showing me what I was doing wrong or telling me what to do. I wish there had been though! Knitting is no joke!

I still need a LOT more practice, and I know my form is absolutely horrid, but I am super proud of myself for finally doing it!

I was determined as soon as I was directed to this fabulous YouTube videoΒ by Chandi from ExpressionΒ Fiber Arts.

This video is so helpful and Chandi is adorable.

I was browsing through the crochet category on WordPress and I came across this blog. Thank you so much for finding this video!

I had tried to knit in the past, but the video I watched was sooooo confusing and I couldn’t even cast on. It was terrible. I hid my needles in my yarn bin (ottoman) never to be seen again.

Until now.


It’s pretty slow-paced – much more so than crocheting, but I’m sure as I get more used to it and can hold the needles better it will get a lot faster! When I’m comfortable with the basic knit stitch, I’ll move onto the next thing – the purl! Can’t wait!

It’s a nice little break from crocheting, although I was basically taking a break already. ;P

Oh, and it turns out it’s more comfortable for me to knit left-handed even though I’m a righty which is funny because my sister is a lefty and knits right-handed! According to the video, it’s because I crochet and I’m used to holding the yarn with my left hand.


In case you’re wondering, and most fiber arts lovers do, I’m using Lily Sugar & Cream Stripes in “Violet.”

It’s fun to learn something new!



7 thoughts on “I’m learning to what now?

  1. Otakraft says:

    I’ve been learning to knit too and I honestly don’t find it that difficult. I think it’s because the way I hold my crochet hook is similar to the way you can hold a needle, or something I’m sure. My biggest issue is that I knit too tight, waaaay too tight! I broke the plastic needle I was learning on. o_O I’m really looking forward to making socks.

    • raychole says:

      I think my problem is that I started off with metal needles and was using Caron Simply Soft yarn so it was super slippery! I was having a hard time hanging onto it.
      I’m looking forward to making socks too! It’s pretty much the whole reason I want to knit. πŸ˜›

      • Otakraft says:

        Definitely. I mean, I can make almost anything with crochet as a could with knit, but I keep hearing about how knit socks are heaven sent and I bought up this beautiful blue variegated Peruvian alpaca yarn to make myself thigh-high stocking socks. I’ll need seriously cold weather to really enjoy them, but they will be gorgeous!

  2. Megan Barclay says:

    huh, maybe I will be a lefty for knitting too then! I knit a long time ago but kind of want to get back into it. There are so many beautiful knitting patterns out there!

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