Slow and Steady

Happy Wednesday!

What better time to give an update to my knitting adventure than as a WIP Wednesday post.

Knitting 2

As  you can see, I haven’t really added too much to it yet. I think in the last photo I showed you, I was only starting the purple section.

Honestly, I haven’t been working on it that often. It sits next to me on the couch where I can easily grab it, but instead I grab my 3DS and play Story of Seasons instead. 😛

I am getting better though! There are occasional lapses (see first area of blue), but as I go at it, I am keeping them more… um… consistent? I can’t think of the right word.

I also ended up adding an extra stitch somewhere along the line. I think it’s where that hole is in the purple section but I don’t really know. And there was no way I was going to unravel all that work!

It’s just a beginner scarf so it’s not a big deal.

What are you working on right now? Something new? Something old?


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