You Spin Me Round

Whew – what a month! I apologize for the lack of posting. We’ve been a little busy!

On July 10th, we closed Escrow on our new home and have been slowwwwwwwwly moving, cleaning, organizing, etc. ever since. Last night was our LAST load from the condo. So, now all we have to do is clean up the condo and list it for sale! 😀 Luckily for us, my husband’s parents have been VERY helpful in helping us clean and fix up some minor things. I don’t know what we would do without them, really. They have been so incredibly kind for doing this. It’s one of those things where you feel that there is no way you can ever repay them. Maybe letting them babysit will be reward enough? (Ha!)

Speaking of the baby… he turned 1 in June! Can you believe it? Time has just been going by so quickly. He’s on the verge of walking and is getting into EVERYTHING.


We finally attached the baby proof latches on the kitchen cabinets to keep him from taking things out. However, now he just gets angry that he can’t open them and cries. *sigh* We just can’t win.

But you’re not here to hear about my baby (I need to stop calling him that – he’s a toddler now!) woes. You’re here to talk about yarn! And talk about yarn we shall!

In my last post, I briefly mentioned that I purchased a yarn/ball/wool winder. I purchased the Housweety Yarn Ball Winder from Amazon.

Yarn Winder

Not much to it, I admit.

Because I just wanted to try it out, I didn’t go for the larger one because I didn’t know how often I would use it. In retrospect (and after some use), I wish I had purchased the larger one. This particular winder is best used for (roughly) half a skein of yarn. If you try to wind a full skein of Red Heart, for example, the yarn will end up getting caught under the gear and it won’t sit properly along the top. Thus, it’s really meant for your scraps or mostly-used skeins.

Winding - Errors

See how it gets funky at the bottom and top?

Regardless, this winder is quite fun to use! I love cranking the winder and watching the yarn just form itself into these tidy, little… things. I don’t want to call them “balls” because they aren’t – they’re more like stumps. Haha! What’s funny though, is that it’s supposed to make them easier to use by having the center pull, but last time I used one, I was pulling from the outside tail (and didn’t realize it until I was almost out!).

Winding Process 1

Winding Process 2

If you’re tired of having those loose, random yarn balls, or making yarn balls in general, I would suggest a yarn winder because it keeps your yarn much neater for storage and you don’t have to worry about one of your yarn balls rolling away while working (since I don’t believe in yarn bowls).

Wound Balls

Do you own a winder? What kind do you have? How do you like it?


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