Those Slippery Slippers

Happy Monday! I hope everyone’s weekend went well.

Not too much to report at the moment, but I will be doing a blog post later on about a pattern I am currently testing. It’s being sent out in multiple parts and I’m still on the second portion (I think there are about 4 all together). When I get a bit more done I’ll start to share some photos!

The other night, I felt the urge to make some slippers. Why? I don’t know. I don’t even like slippers (perhaps I felt that if I made some, I’d be more likely to wear them?). So, I searched through the Ravelry patterns to find a good candidate to cover up my feet. I found 2 or 3 patterns and I even considered making a blog post sharing my top five choices. In the end, I chose a winner but decided against the post.

The pattern I chose was the “Lizzie” slippers by Lisa Gutierrez from GoodKnits.

Here are my completed slippers:

Slippers 2

And another (without my feet):


And a close-up of the toe area:

Slippers 3

It’s a very nice pattern and pretty easy to follow. Like others who’ve finished this pattern, I did have a little difficulty in understanding the right slipper directions. Each slipper is one piece sewn at both the heel and the toes, but the right slipper is flipped inside out and sewn/crocheted opposite.

For these slippers I used Red Heart in “Real Teal” and “Buff” and a size “H” hook. They only took me between 1-2 hours to finish (closer to 1) so it’s a quick project to do. Even though they turned out okay, I don’t know how often I will wear them. Let’s just say that these slippers are quite… slippery… on our hardwood floors. I’ll need to put something on the bottoms of them if I decide to use them more often. Also, they make my feet look fat. Haha! AND… and… I’ll have to add a little strap to go across them to keep them on (slip-ons don’t stay on my feet very well).

That’s all for now!

Stay tuned for a post on my pattern testing coming up later this week. 🙂


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