Try, try again.

Sometimes, the projects you start working on don’t turn out how you expect them to.

Other times, you don’t even finish the project but don’t want the hassle of taking everything apart. I absolutely hate frogging (unraveling) any crochet work I’ve done (especially if it’s taken me a long time) because I just feel like it was such a waste of time and I even get a little angry/upset. Other times you just want to make it work so very, very bad.

For example, last week I was in the mood to crochet a beanie. No reason why – I was just compelled to do so. So, I grabbed a crochet hook (I forget what size) and a little skein of Lily Sugar and Cream yarn that I had picked up a while back. I just wanted to whip one up really quick so I chose to do a simple double crochet beanie. Quick and painless!

Or so I thought.

I didn’t finish it for 2 days – just for a quick and simple beanie!

I would have finished it that night, but if you’ve ever used Lily Sugar and Cream before, then you know that it’s a pretty small skein. I crocheted quite a bit (more than half) of the beanie when I realized that I wouldn’t have enough yarn. Because I didn’t want to make a run to Michael’s just for a small ball of yarn, I frogged it a bit and decided to make the beanie a bit smaller to allow myself more yarn. I did a couple of rows, decided I was done for the night, and went to bed. The next morning, I picked it up again and started working. It seemed to be working up well, and I even reached the brim, when I realized…

…I still didn’t have enough yarn!

Again, I frogged the beanie to the previous increase to give myself just a bit more yarn (one row of increases can make all the difference). I will mention, as I have in the past, that I do have a small head so this new size actually fit my head perfectly. I proceeded to crochet and made it to the brim area once again. Though I was unable to create a “proper” brim, I was able to do one row of single crochet which was the best I was going to be able to do.

Here it is:

Stupid Beanie

You stupid, stupid beanie.

This may have actually taken 3 days to do (I can’t remember specifically), but this is because I am also trying to manage a 13-month old and crocheting is quite difficult around him.

I am, however, proud of myself for finishing this beanie after all this struggle. Typically, I would just unravel it and toss the yarn into my stash and forget about it. But this time I really wanted to finish something – even something as insignificant as a beanie. The sense of accomplishment was what I was seeking and nothing – even that stupid, small ball of yarn – was going to stop me.

Now I know (and I probably knew before) that if I am going to make something with this brand of yarn, I’ll need at least two skeins.

Unless I want to lose my mind.


6 thoughts on “Try, try again.

  1. Orange Smoothie says:

    Sometimes I just finish it the way it is and throw it in the donation box. You never know . . . There may be a one-footed person who’d be delighted to have a single handmade slipper (because one was all I made). Loved your bit. I totally get your sense of accomplishment feeling.

  2. EssHaych says:

    I’ve done this before too – it’s so frustrating! Good on you for finishing it though – I would have frogged and forgotten about it, but your beanie turned out great!

  3. Otakraft says:

    I completely feel the frustration of ripping back your work, but I’m much more motivated by whether it looks “right” or not. I am REALLY not a perfectionist, but there’s something about crochet that makes me demand the best, most of the time anyway. I’ve definitely had projects I was beyond done with so I finished them up even though they looked wonky and when I’m working out a pattern the first time I give myself freedom to make it slightly less than perfect because I know I’m probably going to be fiddling with the pattern again. It looks cute though and yay, your done!

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