Busy, busy, busy!

I feel as though I haven’t stopped crocheting since my last post – but that’s ridiculous.

I have been kept busy, however, after my addition of Poochy into my Etsy shop. I sold my first one the day after I listed it! 😀 Since then, I have also sold 3 more. I had to update my shipping time (for this listing only) to 1-2 weeks because it is so time consuming. I haven’t actually timed myself to see how long it takes because I keep making them in bits and pieces. I actually started to make multiples of the pieces so I could have a sort of assembly line thing going on (which my husband has been telling me to do pretty much since I started selling things!). I’m still working on one order and had another order yesterday. I have until Friday to ship out the previous one, so I still have time. I’m in the process of sewing all of the pieces right now, so I should have it ready to go either tomorrow or the next day. I haven’t renewed the listing yet because I feel like I need a bit of a breather. Whew!

I also sold a cow the other day which was a nice change. I haven’t made one in a while and I forgot how cute it was! I meant to take some new pictures to update the listing, but I really wanted to get it out so I didn’t get around to it. Since the holidays are coming up, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of chances to take some. 😉

Cow and Poochy

Aside from the surge of orders (it had been quiet for a while!), I have discovered a new obsession. Well, “obsession” is a bit much. But I can’t call it a hobby either…

ANYWAY. My SIL came down to visit us last month and she is an avid planner/notebook(er)/scrapbooker and she uncovered my hidden love of rubber stamps. I never really had any before (aside from the crappy ones you have as a kid), but I’ve always liked them. I just never bought any for whatever reason. While wandering around different craft stores, I finally picked up two stamps, an inkpad, and some kraft tags so I could start adding a little something to my Etsy orders. The first two stamps were a “Thank you” and a “Handmade by.” I felt this was a nice start!

For my birthday, my SIL gave me an Etsy gift card which I used to buy some MORE STAMPS! XD

I ordered some Mario Bros stamps from Kindred Stamps which I absolutely love and have already started using on my order receipts and the shipping labels.

Mario Stamps

I also ordered a few more stamps from Rad stamps, but I haven’t received them yet (waiting anxiously). And, last but not least, I finally got around to getting some washi tape from Mind the Wrap. It’s a nice little touch to the packaging.

But that’s just from the gift card!

After that ran out, I made a stop at Michael’s during their big Halloween/Fall sale and picked up another inkpad and a package of stamps! But that’s it – I swear!

Oh, wait.

I also ordered a shop stamp, too! Hehe

Here’s a bad phone shot of all of my goodies (so far):

Stamp Collection

I tried to edit it a bit… it kinda helped.

Okay, okay, okay. That’s it for realsies (I think).

Well, back to work I go! I have to finish up these Poochys because I actually have a somewhat busy social schedule coming up: a friend visiting this weekend, a wedding to attend next week, and I’m hosting Thanksgiving. It may not sound like a lot, but to me it’s a very exciting month!


What about you? Have you found a new obsession/hobby?


2 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy!

  1. thepogblog says:

    I love the cow! Have you tried using your fingers as stamps? I got slightly obsessed with creating characters with finger prints and making cards. I made all my Christmas cards last week with finger print robins. The only down side is that the red dye doesn’t seem to come off…my little finger is still quite pink looking!

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