Make Over – Meat Boy Case

Howdy, y’all!

Today’s Make Over is about the Meat Boy DS case I made a while back. To refresh your memory (since it’s been almost 2 years!), here’s a picture of it:

Meat Boy DS Case

I originally made this to cover my 3DS but I never really liked it that much (let’s be real – it’s a little weird). So, it was placed inside my small box of finished items that I tend to forget about.


My husband was actually the one to remind me about it. About a month or so ago he picked up where he left off in Pokemon Blue (Or was it Red..?). Not important – but it’s from when he was 18! Anyway, since he was playing a  Gameboy game, he needed to use an older device. He didn’t want to carry around the massive OG Gameboy so he settled for the Gameboy SP. He realized that he doesn’t own a carrying case for it and asked if I had anything available or if I could make him one. Then he remembered I had made this wonky DS case and he wanted to see if it fit (width-wise, obviously). So, we journeyed to the Island of Misfit Toys – I mean, the box of crap – I mean, the box of finished items! and pulled this bad boy out.

Since the case was much too long for an SP, my husband suggested I tear out half of it to get to the appropriate size. He also requested that I have the button on the backside so the front just had Meat Boy’s cute little face.

He also suggested I make a Bandage Girl for our other SP! Haha!

Are you interested in seeing the play-by-play? No? Tough! Here it is anyway:

First off, I needed to see just how much needed to be removed. It was a good 2-3 inches!

Next came the unraveling!

Ewwww it looks like braaaaiiiiinnnsss!

Next, I made the loop on the front side instead of the back and attached the button.

Annnnnnnnnnnd all done!

Perfect fit! And Meat Boy looks much better! 🙂

What do you think? Better, right? His face could probably use a little update, but whatevs.

I like it!

Have a great weekend!

And Happy Anniversary to my husband and me! ❤



FO Friday – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I finished my blanket! Woohoo!

This isn’t the best picture, but our house isn’t exactly clean right now. So… yeah. 😃

It’s just the right size for our couch but we may use it in the bedroom instead to throw on top of our comforter. It’s so soft and fuzzy!

It’s surprisingly heavy, too! I didn’t realize it when I’d move it from room to room (sounds silly, I know), but as soon as I wrapped it around myself, oh my goodness​!

Hopefully we get some cool weather again. We’ve had a crazy heatwave here recently. Soooo hot! 

Nothing else to report for now, but I should be working on some NEW stuff soon! Have a great weekend! 

It’s Moo and Mootwo!


…see what I did there?

Heh. Heh. Heh.

I just finished up an Etsy order for BOTH of my Harvest Moon cows. I love making these guys – they are just too cute!

I took the chance to take a couple of new photos of them since the ones in the listings were a bit old and dark. Unfortunately, I took them at different times of day and you can totally tell. The  SNES cow was taken early in the morning which, I figured, would be the best time since the sun shines right into our kitchen window. However, it made it cast a bit of a shadow and is just a little too bright:


SNES Harvest Moon Cow


For the other cow, I took the photos in the late afternoon which turned out to be a much better time. It was still pretty bright outside and I didn’t get as much of a shadow. I also used the blanket I’m working on as a background!


Harvest Moon Cow

Huh. Actually, I guess this one’s brighter than the other! Hehe. But it shows off the colors nicely.

Those little cutie pies! 😀

Happy Sunday!


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WIP Wednesday – 3/1/17

I’m making some progress on my blanket. In fact, I’m almost done with it:


I’d give you dimensions but my snazzy tape measure broke! 😦


I’ve definitely slowed down a lot compared to when I first began. When I first started, I blew through 2 skeins in one day and went to the store to buy more. In total I’ve used about 6 skeins for this blanket (which is really only supposed to be a throw blanket as I mentioned in my last WIP post). I’m about to attach the FINAL skein which should make it just big enough to spread on the couch. The last skein will add on a little less than a foot which should make it about the same size as me.


The skein is roughly the same height that it will be adding to the blanket.


So, basically, I made a Rachel-size blanket! Sorry, honey – this is Mama’s blanket!

I still think this is turning out very pretty. The different shades work so well together and I’m glad I went with the grey/beige colorway and not the tan/beige one. Plus, it matches our couch better (which wasn’t the point)!


So warm. So fuzzy!


This will most likely be the last blanket I crochet for a while aside from (maybe) a baby blanket. But who knows? This is already turning out to be a much more yarn-filled year than last year!

I’m also working on some Harvest Moon cows for an Etsy order at the moment. I’m taking my time on those, too, but I need to get crackin’!

What are you working on this week?