WIP Wednesday – 3/1/17

I’m making some progress on my blanket. In fact, I’m almost done with it:


I’d give you dimensions but my snazzy tape measure broke! 😦


I’ve definitely slowed down a lot compared to when I first began. When I first started, I blew through 2 skeins in one day and went to the store to buy more. In total I’ve used aboutΒ 6 skeins for this blanket (which is really only supposed to be a throw blanket as I mentioned in my last WIP post). I’m about to attach the FINAL skein which should make it just big enough to spread on the couch. The last skein will add on a little less than a foot which should make it about the same size as me.


The skein is roughly the same height that it will be adding to the blanket.


So, basically, I made a Rachel-size blanket! Sorry, honey – this is Mama’s blanket!

I still think this is turning out very pretty. The different shades work so well together and I’m glad I went with the grey/beige colorway and not the tan/beige one. Plus, it matches our couch better (which wasn’t the point)!


So warm. So fuzzy!


This will most likely be the last blanket I crochet for a while aside from (maybe) a baby blanket. But who knows? This is already turning out to be a much more yarn-filled year than last year!

I’m also working on some Harvest Moon cows for an Etsy order at the moment. I’m taking my time on those, too, but I need to get crackin’!

What are you working on this week?


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