It’s Moo and Mootwo!


…see what I did there?

Heh. Heh. Heh.

I just finished up an Etsy order for BOTH of my Harvest Moon cows. I love making these guys – they are just too cute!

I took the chance to take a couple of new photos of them since the ones in the listings were a bit old and dark. Unfortunately, I took them at different times of day and you can totally tell. The  SNES cow was taken early in the morning which, I figured, would be the best time since the sun shines right into our kitchen window. However, it made it cast a bit of a shadow and is just a little too bright:


SNES Harvest Moon Cow


For the other cow, I took the photos in the late afternoon which turned out to be a much better time. It was still pretty bright outside and I didn’t get as much of a shadow. I also used the blanket I’m working on as a background!


Harvest Moon Cow

Huh. Actually, I guess this one’s brighter than the other! Hehe. But it shows off the colors nicely.

Those little cutie pies! 😀

Happy Sunday!


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