Slow and Steady

Happy Wednesday!

What better time to give an update to my knitting adventure than as a WIP Wednesday post.

Knitting 2

As  you can see, I haven’t really added too much to it yet. I think in the last photo I showed you, I was only starting the purple section.

Honestly, I haven’t been working on it that often. It sits next to me on the couch where I can easily grab it, but instead I grab my 3DS and play Story of Seasons instead. :-P

I am getting better though! There are occasional lapses (see first area of blue), but as I go at it, I am keeping them more… um… consistent? I can’t think of the right word.

I also ended up adding an extra stitch somewhere along the line. I think it’s where that hole is in the purple section but I don’t really know. And there was no way I was going to unravel all that work!

It’s just a beginner scarf so it’s not a big deal.

What are you working on right now? Something new? Something old?

I’m learning to what now?

I’ve gone and taught myself to knit! :D

Dun dun DUN!

Well, technically I learned from a YouTube video, but there wasn’t anyone standing by showing me what I was doing wrong or telling me what to do. I wish there had been though! Knitting is no joke!

I still need a LOT more practice, and I know my form is absolutely horrid, but I am super proud of myself for finally doing it!

I was determined as soon as I was directed to this fabulous YouTube video by Chandi from Expression Fiber Arts.

This video is so helpful and Chandi is adorable.

I was browsing through the crochet category on WordPress and I came across this blog. Thank you so much for finding this video!

I had tried to knit in the past, but the video I watched was sooooo confusing and I couldn’t even cast on. It was terrible. I hid my needles in my yarn bin (ottoman) never to be seen again.

Until now.


It’s pretty slow-paced – much more so than crocheting, but I’m sure as I get more used to it and can hold the needles better it will get a lot faster! When I’m comfortable with the basic knit stitch, I’ll move onto the next thing – the purl! Can’t wait!

It’s a nice little break from crocheting, although I was basically taking a break already. ;P

Oh, and it turns out it’s more comfortable for me to knit left-handed even though I’m a righty which is funny because my sister is a lefty and knits right-handed! According to the video, it’s because I crochet and I’m used to holding the yarn with my left hand.


In case you’re wondering, and most fiber arts lovers do, I’m using Lily Sugar & Cream Stripes in “Violet Stripes.”

It’s fun to learn something new!


Mini Yarn Haul!

Yarn Haul 2

I had a gift card from Xmas for Michael’s burning a hole in my wallet and I finally got around to spending some of it (Actually, I just realized it was there a few days ago).

I still have, like, $10 left. I’m bound to need some other stuff though! :D


Yarn Haul

Now I just need something to make!

I have plans for the purple and green but the white was just a necessity. You can never have too much white yarn (I think I may have said that before)! The dark teal was just really pretty and the lighter teal is the color I use (I think) for Jigglypuff’s eyes which I was running low on.

I bought some felt and fabric glue to test out making eyes for some of my items. And I just thought the frame was cute (and it was only $1.50).

Now that school is done, I’ll have more time to work on some new creations.

If I can get a moment to myself, that is…

Congrats, Grads!

Sale - Grads

Hey, y’all!

In celebration of all graduating students (myself included!), I’m running a little sale in my Etsy shop.

Get your gamer graduate something special for their big day!

Don’t know any graduates? That’s fine – you can get one for yourself! I won’t judge. ;)

Enter coupon code “CONGRATS” at checkout to take 10% off your order!

(Click the photo to check out the shop!)

Sale - Grads

Not so sure about this one…

I was looking online at DS cases (not that I need one) and decided to make my own.

In my head, the concept sounded great and the picture was perfect.

But when I finished crocheting it, it didn’t quite turn out how I had imagined:

Meat Boy DS Case

It’s a Meat Boy case for my 3DS.

I think it’s just because it looks like he has the biggest forehead in the world that I feel it looks so wrong. But, at the time, I felt that if I made it more…um… proportional, then it would look like he was all stretched out.

Maybe that wouldn’t have been such a bad thing.

I don’t know… I just made it on a whim.

What do you think? Weird? o_O


Not too much going on right now…

I’m in the final stretch of the semester (and college in general!) so the pressure is on. Only this week and finals week to go and I am DONE. What I’ll do after that… I don’t know.

Right now I am just focusing on taking care of my little one (and school work) – but mostly the baby. My husband is out of town for 5 weeks (ugh) so I am on watch 100% of the time. Except when I leave him with his Grandparents on days I have class but that’s only for a few hours. It’s tough work, let me tell you. It can be quite draining. I’m exhausted.

(Why I’m up at 11 pm writing a blog post is beyond me)

There hasn’t been much crocheting recently, I can tell you that much. It’s hard to do when there is a 10-month old crawling around on you and at night I’d rather play video games or read.

Right now I am playing Story of Seasons on the 3DS. It’s by the original developers of Harvest Moon but I guess they lost the license to the name or something so it’s called something else. But it’s still Harvest Moon to me! I’ve heard that the new Harvest Moon that came out recently is absolutely terrible so I’m probably not gonna pick that one up…

Anyway, this is a crochet blog so here’s some crochet stuff!

I recently ordered a “mystery crochet hook” from The Clay Bean Co. on Etsy. I asked the shop owner for something food related and she sent me this:

Hamburger Hook

It’s a hamburger! Isn’t it awesome? I love it.

My brother says that I should get one with fries or a shake on it next. :P

It’s a size 3.5mm (E) hook so I don’t know how often I will use it since I typically use an H hook. I’ll just have to find something to make or else just use it instead! Maybe after school is done I’ll work on something with it.

I did, however, just finish something tonight.

Yesterday, a friend of mine tagged me in the comments of a Facebook post linking to this BuzzFeed page.

A lot of these patterns are very cute and I decided to whip one up that night because it (slightly) motivated me. I would have finished it last night – and I thought I did – but the pattern had some errors.

Here’s what I made:

Monster Bib

This is the Monster Baby Bib by Repeat (Cr)after Me.

It’s a cute pattern, but it has an error in the portion for the straps that I had to adjust. When I followed it as written, the straps were MUCH too short. I had to add on about 10 more rows to it and even after that, I’m still not sure it’s long enough! Unfortunately, I didn’t care enough to fix it anymore and just finished it. I still need to find a button to use for the clasp though. I’m sure I have one lying around somewhere…

If you want to make this bib, I would suggest adding on at least 10 rows and also make the straps a little narrower. It may work for you as is – maybe my son’s neck is too big? But I doubt it. He’s not overweight by any means. Overall, it’s a cute idea.


Oh, the other day I also got a coupon for a free pattern on Ravelry from Newborn Knots. I chose the Funky Fedora! It’s super cute. Maybe my next project?

I’m beat – off to bed for this tired mommy!


Just a Reminder!

Don’t forget to stop by the For the Pets Gaming Marathon today!

They are currently at $1,000 of their $5,000 goal. What a great start!

Right now, they are talking with the nice people from O.S.C.A.R – the charity they are raising money for. They are answering questions and brought a couple of puppies along, too!

Every $5 donation earns you a raffle ticket and a chance to win one of many prize packs including a prize pack from me!

Donation 2

The opportunity to win my prize pack (includes Bandage Girl, Maskutchi, and a mini bob-omb) is coming up at 2pm ET.

Check out the schedule for the different games they’ll be playing today/tomorrow and the different prizes you can win!

Hope to see you there!