Hello, 2017!

Hi, everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and rang in the new year the best way you could!

As you may have noticed, I have been quite absent recently – I apologize. Sometimes life can get in the way and, honestly, blogging has not been high on my list of priorities. It happens to the best of us.

The biggest news of 2016 was the birth of my second son!


At 1-week old

As you can imagine, we were quite busy with preparations for our newest bundle of joy. He basically made us finally start all of the house repairs/decorating that we had put off for the last year. Our office was painted  (along with new furniture, etc) and turned into our oldest’s room, the nursery remained the same but freshly painted, our upstairs bedroom was painted and furnished to become our guest room, and the “bonus room” has now become our game room/office with non-squeaky floorboards, patched walls, and fresh paint. This all took quite some time and, since I was pregnant, I couldn’t really help with much of it… again. Luckily, we had a lot of help from my in-laws so it didn’t take too long (although the baby’s room wasn’t done until a few weeks after his birth. Hehe).

During the last year, I haven’t created any new patterns, but I hope to this year. We’ll call it a “goal” since it’s the new year and all. Maybe I will set my goal at 3-5 new patterns. Perhaps even some of them will be free patterns available to you! I just need to figure out what I’d like to make. If you’ve been a follower for a while (thank you!) you may have noticed that I tend to go towards the round characters. My husband says I need to branch out a bit and show off my skills, but the round ones are just soooooo easy. Is there anything that you would like to see? I need some inspiration… 🙂

Though I haven’t done much in the way promoting of my shop (or blog for that matter) I have still been gaining new followers and this last year was quite successful in regards to my shop. I was curious to see how my last few years compared to each other, so I checked them out:

etsy-stats-2013 etsy-stats-2014

etsy-stats-2015 etsy-stats-2016

It seems I am pretty consistent in the amount of orders! But what you (I) need to remember is that this is each order – not individual items. If you want to see how many items I sold, it goes like this:

  • 2013 – 37
    • Really it’s more like 33 or so. My MIL bought a few items when I first opened the shop to help get me started with some good feedback. 😉
  • 2014 – 30
  •  2015 – 34
  • 2016 – 43

It’s nice to see that the number is going up! It doesn’t seem like a lot, about 2 orders a month, but it’s a nice amount. I like the jump in sales in November/December (although I don’t at the time haha). I actually had some items made ahead of time so I was able to send them about a bit quicker. But I’m not going to lie – since I changed my processing time to 1-2 weeks, I definitely use that to my advantage. It’s much more relaxing and I don’t feel so rushed. However, sometimes my procrastination hits me hard and I don’t get it out until the last day. I’m bad, I know. I need to work on that. Maybe another resolution?

Anywho, I hope you have all been well and wish you the best for this new year! 🙂



Merry Christmas! (4 months)

Cilantro Infinity Scarf 2

The Cilantro Cowl Adventure

Okay, so it wasn’t really an adventure. But it was definitely an experience! And the cowl was only coincidental.

In December, I was itching to do some crocheting OTHER than Christmas Etsy orders so I went searching the interwebs for something to make. Of course, I ended up with another cowl/scarf. I just can’t help myself! They are just so soothing and easy to make and I don’t really need to focus too much on it. What  a relief!

For this project, I finally used one of the skeins I picked up during the SD Yarn Crawl this past fall. I decided that it was time to use the gorgeous purple skein that I had always intended for a scarf! The yarn I used was Malabrigo Rios in Purpuras. It is 100% Superwash Merino Wool which I have never used before. Up until the Yarn Crawl, I don’t think I had ever purchased a yarn other than acrylic. This yarn is nice and soft, but I haven’t washed it yet so I don’t know how it will turn out.

The pattern I finally chose to work on was the Cilantro Cowl by Jennifer Dickerson over at Fiber Flux Blog. Since I used a purple color, however, my cowl is more like the “Red Cabbage” cowl. Haha!

Anyway, you may be wondering what kind of adventure could be involved with a cowl. Well, let me tell you: that was the night I found out were the water shut-off valve to our house was.

Oh. My. Goodness. What a night!

It had been raining on and off all day and night and it was also really windy. Not your typical San Diego weather. Around, ohhh, 9:30 pm or so, I was sitting on the couch crocheting and watching some Anthony Bourdain on Netflix (the show name escapes me at this moment, but it’s the one on CNN), when I heard the wind pick up and heard something slam. I figured it must have been the trash can so I didn’t concern myself too much with it.

However, right after the slam I heard noises coming from our water softener/purifier in the garage. We have it set to run once a week to do its business, and recently the power had been shut off so the times were messed up. I figured it must be running a cycle of some sort, which I knew was unusual for so late at night. So, I just kind of ignored it for a bit and went back to work. After a bit, the sound started irritating me because it was a little loud and the baby was sleeping so I didn’t want to wake him up. I went out and unplugged the machine thinking that would solve the problem, but I still heard the noises! Then I realized that the noise wasn’t coming from the machine, but from the pipes and in the wall.

On a whim, I opened the side door to our garage and stuck my head out. I could hear water, but it was more that just the rain. So, I stepped out a bit and looked back towards our side gate and I saw water seeping under the fence! I rushed to the gate and opened it up and stopped in my tracks. The stupid rubber/plastic shed that the previous owners had left behind had fallen over sideways in the wind right on top of the one, and only, water pipe sticking out of the house. Oh, and the pipe has freakin’ pvc pipes!!! Who does that?! With my superhuman strength (okay, not really) I pulled the mini shed off of the pipe half-expecting water to start shooting in my face in some giant geyser. Luckily (I guess), the water was pouring down from the pipe, but it was flooding the back corner of our yard. I called my husband in a panic asking him where the water shut-off was, but he wasn’t sure either and had to find out (we’re new homeowners, don’t judge us!).

While I waited for a return call (with a dying cell phone), I looked frantically around the house for a flashlight since we have ZERO lighting in the corner of the yard. During the year, I swear I see sooooo many flashlights, but this night I couldn’t find a SINGLE ONE. ZERO. NADA. It was so frustrating! After what seemed like forever, my husband called back and said the valve was under the water softener so I ran to shut it off.


But now I was soaked, cold, and upset. I should mention that I did end up getting sprayed in the face with water when I tried (in vain) to stick the pipe back in the, uh, pipe – I had no idea what I was doing! While this experience wasn’t the worst thing to happen, it was a big deal for me. It seems like these things always happen when I am alone and I am unprepared. After this, my husband texted me and said he was leaving work early (he was working nights). To pass the time until he got back, I went back to crocheting since I was too wired to do much else. Right as he returned home, I finished up the cowl.

Here is the finished product:Cilantro Infinity Scarf

It’s not very long, but that’s because the skein I used only has 210 yards. I wish I had had more yarn, but I also hate leaving projects unfinished and didn’t want to search for some more yarn. Plus, after a night like that, a finished project made me feel better! This picture shows the color best. It’s a very nice deep purple. The close-up shots make it look much light and washed out:

Cilantro Infinity Scarf 2

But here you can better see the texture and pattern. It’s a really simple pattern and fun to do with a mixture of puff stitches and double crochets.

Oh, and if you’re interested, here is a picture of the water pipe:

Broken Water Pipe

I guess you can’t really tell, but that area with the brown “ring” is the broken portion. It broke right at the end of the metal coming from the wall. We’ve since replaced the pvc pipes with copper, but have yet to get rid of the shed (we need to take it to the dump).

And that’s my adventure!

Mostly, I just wanted to do a post to let you know I was still alive. 😉 And since that cowl was the most recent thing I made, and had an interesting story attached, I figured it was a good enough post!

Do you  know where YOUR water shut-off valve is?

Cow and Poochy

Busy, busy, busy!

I feel as though I haven’t stopped crocheting since my last post – but that’s ridiculous.

I have been kept busy, however, after my addition of Poochy into my Etsy shop. I sold my first one the day after I listed it! 😀 Since then, I have also sold 3 more. I had to update my shipping time (for this listing only) to 1-2 weeks because it is so time consuming. I haven’t actually timed myself to see how long it takes because I keep making them in bits and pieces. I actually started to make multiples of the pieces so I could have a sort of assembly line thing going on (which my husband has been telling me to do pretty much since I started selling things!). I’m still working on one order and had another order yesterday. I have until Friday to ship out the previous one, so I still have time. I’m in the process of sewing all of the pieces right now, so I should have it ready to go either tomorrow or the next day. I haven’t renewed the listing yet because I feel like I need a bit of a breather. Whew!

I also sold a cow the other day which was a nice change. I haven’t made one in a while and I forgot how cute it was! I meant to take some new pictures to update the listing, but I really wanted to get it out so I didn’t get around to it. Since the holidays are coming up, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of chances to take some. 😉

Cow and Poochy

Aside from the surge of orders (it had been quiet for a while!), I have discovered a new obsession. Well, “obsession” is a bit much. But I can’t call it a hobby either…

ANYWAY. My SIL came down to visit us last month and she is an avid planner/notebook(er)/scrapbooker and she uncovered my hidden love of rubber stamps. I never really had any before (aside from the crappy ones you have as a kid), but I’ve always liked them. I just never bought any for whatever reason. While wandering around different craft stores, I finally picked up two stamps, an inkpad, and some kraft tags so I could start adding a little something to my Etsy orders. The first two stamps were a “Thank you” and a “Handmade by.” I felt this was a nice start!

For my birthday, my SIL gave me an Etsy gift card which I used to buy some MORE STAMPS! 😄

I ordered some Mario Bros stamps from Kindred Stamps which I absolutely love and have already started using on my order receipts and the shipping labels.

Mario Stamps

I also ordered a few more stamps from Rad stamps, but I haven’t received them yet (waiting anxiously). And, last but not least, I finally got around to getting some washi tape from Mind the Wrap. It’s a nice little touch to the packaging.

But that’s just from the gift card!

After that ran out, I made a stop at Michael’s during their big Halloween/Fall sale and picked up another inkpad and a package of stamps! But that’s it – I swear!

Oh, wait.

I also ordered a shop stamp, too! Hehe

Here’s a bad phone shot of all of my goodies (so far):

Stamp Collection

I tried to edit it a bit… it kinda helped.

Okay, okay, okay. That’s it for realsies (I think).

Well, back to work I go! I have to finish up these Poochys because I actually have a somewhat busy social schedule coming up: a friend visiting this weekend, a wedding to attend next week, and I’m hosting Thanksgiving. It may not sound like a lot, but to me it’s a very exciting month!


What about you? Have you found a new obsession/hobby?

New Listing – Poochy

Oh my goodness!

Due to the recent release of Yoshi’s Woolly World, my post about Poochy has been visited so many times! Most of my visitors have been referred from reddit, so it kind of makes me feel like a celebrity! Haha!

I have been having many requests to make Poochy, so I decided that it is a good time to test out my pattern and list it in my shop!

New Poochy Collage

Check out the new listing here!


Oh, and Happy Birthday to me!

FO Friday – Monster Blanket

It’s been a little quiet around here. Not too much to report!

Right now I am working on a big Etsy order – 5 items! I hope to have them all done soon so I can ship them out. They’re going alllll the waaaayy to the UK! I don’t typically do international orders, but they asked so nicely. It never hurts to ask, ya know?

I also finished the monster blanket a while back. Here’s the best picture I have:


Baby photobomb again!

Soooo much work! I don’t think I’ll be doing anything that big again any time soon. Did I mention I was going to be lazy and put fabric on the back in order to NOT weave in my ends? Yeah… and add some kind of border as well.

Hope you had a good week and have an even better weekend!

San Diego Yarn Crawl ’15

Two weekends ago I participated in my first “yarn crawl.”

Before then, I didn’t know there was such a thing! The only reason I found out about it was because of an invite from a crochet/knitting MeetUp that I am a member of (I have yet to go to a meeting). I checked out the webpage to see what it was all about and I got really excited! It sounded like so much fun. We would be going to two alpaca farms, 10 yarn shops, and even stopping at a yarn truck (Whoever heard of a yarn truck? Not me.). Also, they were doing something a little different this year. This time around, they made a tote bag which had an unfinished knitting pattern on it. In order to complete the pattern, you needed to collect a pin from each shop which gave a piece of the pattern. Additionally, you were given a passport which you needed to get stamped at each location in order to be entered in a drawing to win some great prizes.

Sounds fun right?!

(Yes – I know I still can’t knit. Hush!)

Anyway, I thought about it for a while but never decided whether or not I would actually participate since it would involve a TON of driving and we would most likely be towing along our 15-month-old (I figured it would be “we” since I didn’t want to go on my own and couldn’t think of anyone who would WANT to go with me).

A short time after I learned about the crawl, my husband texted me while he was at work asking if I had ever heard of the San Diego Yarn Crawl – he had heard about it from a co-worker who knew that I crocheted. I told him I had heard of it, but that was about it. We didn’t discuss whether or not we would do it and that was that.

Until the crawl started!

The day before it started, I reminded my husband about it and he was a little surprised since we didn’t actually decide to do it. But he was all for it if that was what I wanted to do (isn’t he sweet?).

The morning of the crawl, I checked Facebook and saw a post stating that the tote bags were in short supply and that only two shops still had any in stock and that supplies were limited! (You could have preordered one from your local shop, but I was still unsure that I was going so I never did.) I was incredibly disappointed because I figured that by the time we reached one of the two shops they would be gone and I would miss out. True, I didn’t NEED a bag (since the pattern would be online after the crawl) but I really wanted one. If you’re going to participate in something like this, you need to go all-out!

Since it didn’t seem likely that I’d get one, I began to not care about the crawl and was going to give up and not go after all. But my husband insisted! He knew that I was looking forward to it and he was determined that we find a tote. So, we set off with baby (and MIL) in tow and figured that if we didn’t get the tote bag, we’d at least grab some lunch while we were out. Whether or not I did the crawl was based solely on if I got the tote at this first shop so we didn’t plot out any other stops after this one. The closest shop that (supposedly) had tote bags left, was Yarn & Thread Expressions in La Mesa so we set off to the south-east county with our fingers crossed!

What luck! They still had some tote bags available! Whoop! 😀

I purchased my tote, collected my first pin and stamp on my passport, and began to explore the first of many shops to come…

After we left this first shop, we grabbed some lunch and headed off to the next closest destination – an alpaca farm! After some winding roads we made it to A Simpler Time – Alpacas & Mill in El Cajon.

Aplaca Collage

Some of the alpacas!

We took a little tour of the mill, stared at the alpacas, and browsed the shop. Then we headed back home since baby needed his nap and was cranky. Let’s be honest – we all kind of needed a nap!

The next day (with baby staying behind with Grandma), my husband and I set off to the east for three more shops. First stop was the Ramona Country Yarn Store in, you guessed it, Ramona. There I was also able to meet up with the Yarnover Truck to pick up another pin! And I also met up with a member from my old MeetUp group (you know, the one I DID go to?) which was nice since I hadn’t seen her in years! 🙂

After collecting my pin and purchasing some yarn, we set out to Julian to visit Kat’s Yarn & Craft Cottege. We did a brief check of the place, picked up my pin, and set off to do what we really wanted – buy some sweets! 😛 We bought some packages of candy and, on the way down the hill, picked up a delicious pie from the Julian Pie Company.

The last stop of the day was the second alpaca farm – La Dolce Vita Alpacas. Here, we got to pet and feed some alpacas! They’re so fluffy and soft! Please enjoy this awkward photo of me feeding an alpaca (I have generously blocked this nice lady from my photo since I don’t know her. Imagine I am giving this alpaca my love).

“He’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!”

We liked this farm a lot. It was so clean and, considering we got to pet the alpacas, we wished we had brought the baby to this one instead. He would have loved it, I think. After this stop, we set off for home where we ate the aforementioned pie. Yum, yum!

Since the previous two days were the hubster’s days off, the next two were to be done alone. Luckily, my MIL was more than happy to watch the baby for me so I could go without worry. Day three I decided to hit the coast with my last stop being the shop near my Grandma’s house. As early as I could manage, I set off for my first shop: Needlecraft Cottage in Pacific Beach. Since I had never driven out here before on my own, I was a little worried about what I’d find. Mostly, I was worried about the parking situation (which is my worry about any new place I go to). Amazingly enough, I got a spot right in front of the shop! 😀

After collecting my pin (and two more skeins of yarn), I started to head north to Encinitas where I would be visiting two of the other shops on my list. The closest stop was The Black Sheep. Like the previous shop, I was worried about the parking since it is located on the Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 101). I parked in one of the first spots off the main road only to realize that the shop had its own parking lot right in front of the store which faced a side street. Oh well! After a brief walkthrough, I collected my pin (and, you guessed it, another skein of yarn!) and set off for Common Threads which was only about 5-10 minutes away. I tried to reach this one close to the next hour because I knew they were holding a raffle every half hour. Who doesn’t love a raffle?! I reached the shop just in time to put my name on a ticket and started to browse as I waited for my name to be called…

Of course, I didn’t win. Dang it! Just like at the first shop! (Which I forgot to mention had a raffle for free food from a taco truck. TACOS!)

I liked this shop a lot. The staff members/owners were very friendly and it was such a pleasant atmosphere. I will definitely go there again (when I have some money :P). I purchased two more skeins of yarn (I know, I know…) and headed off to my Grandma’s since she lives close to the last shop.

We chatted a bit and I explained to her what I was doing that day. I asked if she would like to go to the next shop with me since I thought she’d enjoy it as she was a crocheter herself until her arthritis got too bad (she wishes terribly that she could sill do it. She’s tried everything!). She was happy to go with me and we started off to Yarning for You in San Marcos. We did a quick little walkthrough, picked up my pin, and then went to lunch (no purchase here!). After that, I headed back home to eat some more of that delicious pie!

Day 4 was probably the day I was least excited about. This time, I had to go south to Chula Vista and also to two shops deep in San Diego. I rarely go south of San Diego, so Chula Vista is quite the trek. Additionally, I avoid downtown San Diego like the plague (too many one-way streets and terrible parking – waaaaaay out of my comfort zone).

My first stop, since it was the furthest, was at Yarns at Border Leather in Chula Vista. I think I was one of the first people to arrive that day and they were still getting things set up for the day. I picked up my pin and they were impressed that I had only 3 shops left. 🙂 The associates were all very friendly and they had a huge selection of yarn! (The parking wasn’t too bad either :P) I will definitely be going back there sometime. Due to the amount of yarn I had accumulated already, I decided not to pick up anything at this shop even though I was tempted by one skein of yarn in particular. Maybe next time?

Anywho, I started back north towards South Park Dry Goods Co. in, um, South Park. It was the cutest little shop set right at the edge of a residential area. Unlike the other shops involved in the crawl, this one wasn’t catered specifically to yarn. In fact, the yarn selection was quite small. They also carry a few articles of clothing, small knitting kits, and a lot of fabric (they are actually in the process of expanding their fabric section into the next building). They had one local yarn dyer (The Grinning Cat) showcasing some of their products and also someone with their collection of stitch markers. I absolutely fell in love with the skein of yarn that I purchased. It is sooooooooo pretty! I can’t wait to use it on something AMAZING! (You’ll know which one I’m talking about when you see the pictures below!)

With my beautiful yarn (and pin) in tow, I headed to my next, and final, shop in North Park: Aranitas Yarn by Sofia. If the previous shop was small to me, then this shop was, basically, a closet. It was so small! But I think that is what added to its charm. The two ladies who greeted me were very nice and even offered me cookies. I got my last pin and stamp and handed in my passport (because that’s what you were supposed to do). I guess you could have turned it in wherever you wanted, but since I had been driving soooo much the last few days, the last thing I wanted to do was drive to another shop just to drop off a piece of paper! So, I left my passport with them and headed home.

It was now time to go through my new yarn! 😄

I’ve made a little collage with the different yarns that I accumulated during this terrific weekend. If you’re interested in the name/brand of a particular skein, let me know and I can check for you. Right now, I am too tired (lazy) to specify which skein is what and where it came from… 😉

Yarn Haul Collage

Oh, and I guess you’d like to see the tote that started this whole thing. Here is my finished tote bag with all the pins and my new lovelies:

Tote and Yarn Haul

Sorry I don’t have a ton of pictures. I suppose I could have taken more while I was out on the crawl, but I didn’t really think about it. At least I have some from the alpaca farms and some shots of my yarn – that’s all that matters, right?

I can’t wait to start using some of this sweet loot! 😀

Oh, and remember how I said there were only two shops with tote bags? Yeah. LIES. ALL LIES! There were totes EVERYWHERE.

Have you participated in a yarn crawl before? How did you like it?