FO – Chevron Baby Blanket


All done!

I’m not quite sure how long/big baby blankets are supposed to be… but I wanted it to be long enough to fill most of the crib.

It doesn’t matter too much at this point though because you aren’t supposed to have blankets, etc in baby cribs until they’re a bit older. But I want him to have it later too so I felt it should be a little longer so it can cover his long body.


I love it. And it was so easy to make!


On a side note – I really need to start making more plushies. That’s why this blog was started after all!

Any suggestions?

WIP – Chevron Baby Blanket


Been working on this for about two weeks – slow and steady.

For the life of me I can’t remember/find where I got it from. It was on one of those crochet sites that have hundreds of patterns on them. It’s just your basic chevron pattern though. Nothing original!

I chose grey and white because it matches my little Bean Cakes’ (my son’s) crib skirt. And it seems to go with everything. ;)

Just a few more sections to go!

Fresh Friday 3/6/15

Fresh Friday

Happy Friday! How was your week?
I’ve got some cute patterns for you this morning. It’s a little amigurumi heavy today so I hope you’re ready to make some plushies!
Let’s get started! 😁

1. Here’s a cute amigurumi Easter bunny from AmiguruMEI!

2. Gir from Invader Zim! My sister would go nuts for this!

3. I love this Red Riding Hood pillow. It may just be because I’m a lit major, but wouldn’t it be awesome to have a bunch of story/fairy tale pillows?

4. Who wouldn’t want a hamburger keychain?

5. What a cute little Pegasus! (And if you’d rather have a unicorn, there’s a link for that, too!)

6. Yum! Pancakes!

7. Such a unique slouch hat – check out the star it makes in the back!

8. I wish I had seen this pattern for granny square hearts before Valentine’s Day! Maybe next year.

9. A Tonberry from Final Fantasy! So cute! :D (Includes video!)

10. And, finally, my list wouldn’t be complete without a scarf pattern! Check out this easy crochet scarf!

Fun stuff today, right?
What have you been working on? I’m in the middle of another baby blanket. Pics to come. ;)
See you next time!

Oh! And don’t forgot about Daylight Savings Time on Saturday night! Don’t wanna be late to your Sunday plans! :D

Behind on my posting… AGAIN


I have some FOs to show you! Yay!

I’m just gonna dive right in. We don’t need no stinkin’ introduction!

I finished this item a few weeks ago – before my Valentine’s Day post, actually. I intended to include it in that post but I never got around to it. By the time I remembered, the post had already been…posted. Oops. This was link number 10 from this list:

The first part:


The second part:


And the finished item:


I’m not gonna lie…it took me a couple of tries to get this thing started! It really made me realize how important it is to use the same weight of yarn throughout your work. I finished the skull with no problem, but I had issues after I switched colors. I was using a very lightweight yarn and it just wasn’t working properly (not to mention the fact that I continuously misread the pattern). I finally changed to a thicker yarn (worsted weight) and it worked perfectly.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the pattern! It’s really cute and easy (after you figure out your mistakes anyway). I’m slightly disappointed, however, that the skull loses some of its shape after adding on the next color. I wonder if there is a way to prevent that? Hmm…

If I crochet another bag, I think I’ll use this as an applique on it. Or maybe on a pillow?

Did anyone else happen to use any of the patterns I included from the Valentine’s Day suggestions?

I also did a brief WIP post a week or two ago about a baby blanket I was working on. You can find the pattern information here.

I had to finish it a bit earlier that I had hoped because I ran out of one of the colors.

“Why didn’t you just go buy some more?” you may ask. Well, let me tell you. The primrose-y color I used in the blanket was from an old (used) skein of yarn that I got from my mom years ago. I no longer had the label (but I’m very sure it was Caron) and no clue what the color was called. I went to Michael’s to see if I could find it, and also to pick up some more green, but, alas, they didn’t have it. I tried to find a good substitute but I couldn’t find anything close to a match. Dang!

I was pretty bummed that I couldn’t make it any bigger, but it’s only a baby blanket so how big does it need to be? We’ll make it work!


See? Look at us making it work! We use it as a seat for the baby on the couch. The “King’s Chair” as we call any fancy seat he uses. ;) Also, I feel like it’s a good sensory object for the baby because of the bobbles and the bright colors.


After I finished with the blanket, I was ready to start on the next thing! A while back, my sister-in-law gave me a HUGE book containing 500 different stitches.


I decided to do number 413!20150221_081613

I (very) briefly considered doing a blanket with this. Thank goodness I didn’t because I probably would have frogged it. It is super easy but incredibly time consuming. So, I decided to make another scarf instead!


In hindsight, I should have used another color to better see the stitches.. But the color and texture of this yarn was so inviting, and I felt like it would make a cozy scarf.


I’m thinking of making a post on how to make this scarf. What do you think? Would you be interested?

Completely unrelated – I apologize for the lack of Fresh Friday posts. To keep myself on top of that, I usually make some drafts in advance. These last two weeks, though, I haven’t even thought about it until Friday passed. Maybe I’ll start doing it every other Friday instead. Just a thought.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Fresh Friday 2/6/15 – Valentine’s Day Edition!

Fresh Friday - Hearts

Hey, y’all!

This week I wanted to do something special. Instead of a list of the most current patterns, as I usually do, I wanted to include ONLY Valentine’s Day patterns!

I have been gathering my favorite patterns for the last couple of weeks that involve all things Valentine’s Day. I wanted to make a Fresh Friday post dedicated to this in order to (hopefully) help anyone who has been having trouble finding the right gift for their loved one or to help inspire you to make your own!

There are a lot of heart-themed patterns out there, but I wanted to limit myself to the usual ten links. That way, it’s not too much of a Valentine’s overload. Also, I know there are many older, fabulous patterns out there, but I wanted to keep with the recently added…because that’s what this weekly post is all about!

Ready? Get set. GO!

<3 <3 <3

1. This Valentine beanie looks super cute and fun! I love the earflaps. Take a peek at all of the completed beanies other Ravelers have shared. There are some truly gorgeous ones!

2. Want to give a plush that’s a little out of the ordinary? Check out the Monster Love Bug!

3. Are you a fan of Fair Isle Crochet? Then these beanie and matching slippers patterns are for you. (Includes video tutorials!)

4. A sweet and simple Valentine’s Day bear!

5. Do you have a loved one who brings coffee or tea to work? This mug/cup cozy would be perfect. (Or make it for yourself – I won’t tell. :) )

6. I don’t know anyone who uses a hot water bottle, but this bottle cozy is so sweet. (And it also includes cross stitch!)

7. An adorable little heart ring.

8. Some crochet envelopes to put your Valentine’s Day cards (or treats!) in.

9. Or, if you don’t want an envelope, this secret pocket heart would work just as well to hold a little treat or note in!

10. And last, but not least, here is something a little on the edgy side – an heart applique with a skull!

<3 <3 <3

I hope these patterns are helpful in your search for gift ideas!

If you have seen some newly posted patterns in the last week or two (including your own!) that you feel should be shared, please feel free to post them in the comments!

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!

Fresh Friday 1/30/15

Fresh Friday

Happy Friday to you all!

Welcome back to another Fresh Friday!

This week we have a little bit of everything: clothes, amis, accessories, household goods… quite a good selection if I do say so myself.

I didn’t get around to crocheting anything this week. Maybe this weekend I can get something done? We shall see. I need to pick out something from one of my (many) lists to make. Hmm… another scarf? Or maybe a plushie?



Or maybe I can get around to making one of the many things I owe my hubby. The list is never-ending, I swear. ;)

Onto the list!

1. Pretty sure I need to make some of these chevron pillow covers.

2. Check out this cute Diglett!

3. A little tiny dino. I like small amis – they are quick and take up very little space!

4. A simple pom pom beanie to keep our ears warm!

5. I love these super hero finger puppets! How cool!

6. Yip yip yip! I thought these were the cutest little aliens when I was little! Do they still have these aliens on Sesame Street?

7. Check out this awesome chinese dragon! It reminds me of Spirited Away.

8. I wish I had the patience to do a project this large. This pineapple mermaid dress is amazing.

9. I tend to put a bit more intermediate/advanced patterns on these lists. For the beginner crocheters out there, take a look at this simple slouch pattern! The addition of the little ribbon/tag is a unique touch.

10. When a pattern is listed as the perfect scarf, you can’t help but take a peek and make it for yourself!

Well? What do you think? See anything you like? What is your favorite?

I hate to cut this off so quickly, but I don’t have much to say. :)

See you next week!